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  1. GMinTheDriveway

    The Near-Future of Saturn

    Nice review. I actually learned a couple of things! I can't wait for the new VUE and Astra to arrive.
  2. GMinTheDriveway

    Next Holden UTE may be headed to America

    How long has this been rumored? Since 2003? Wake me when it gets here. Until then it's just a mullet wet-dream.
  3. GMinTheDriveway

    WOW! New real-world pics of the Outlook!

    What rear impact tests? NHTSA and IIHS only do front, side and rollover.
  4. GMinTheDriveway

    Sky High

    If your local Saturn Retailer did the opposite than most to reduce the price of the car I wonder how many would complain? Here, buy the car at invoice. We'll sell every one we get at invoice and make nothing. Tie up our allocation for the next 3 years giving the product away so the wily consumers can do the mark-up and sell instead of the Saturn stores. With all the bitchin & moanin about having to buy extra stuff with the most RESEARCHED CAR ON THE PLANET- it ain't really going to hurt the Saturn Retailers. Just like the PT Cruiser, the Miata, the TDI VW, 06 Corvette, doesn't matter. Consumers have notoriously short attention spans and will find something else to complain about soon enough. Just maybe some of the people that thing the SKY is "the car" for them will get shaken into reality and realize it's not that great of a car, just a great LOOKING car.
  5. GMinTheDriveway

    Why Saturn enthusiasts will miss the polymer...

    Considering the girth of many Saturn customers, they could use an extra walk from the far side of the lot to the store. I was never concerned about my S-series getting dinged so I'd park right up front between a pair of behemoths. My metal cars get parked in a less-popular area and I walk the extra 100 yards. Saturn is concerned for your health!
  6. GMinTheDriveway

    New VUE Pics!

    I like it. I would like it more without the grey plastic bumpers, tho. The current VUE definitely got better looking with color-keyed bumpers IMO. I'm going to go practice my objection handling: "This Saturn is made where??" Looks like 8-way power seat. That is good. Getting rid of the underpowered ECOTEC 2.2 is also good. 2-different Hybrids Plus 2 different non-hybrid powertrains is also good. I'm gonna need a bigger lot.
  7. GMinTheDriveway

    Aura seems to be doing well here

    I have 2 dozen Auras in stock for 2 weeks now. 2 have sold, one XE I sold to a couple looking for an ION and the other I'm not sure XE or XR. The SKY still rules the "just looking" and "that's a Saturn?" crowd for now.
  8. GMinTheDriveway

    Aura seems to be doing well here

    I have 14 XEs and 12 XRs on the lot for about 2 weeks now. 2 have sold so far, not sure about the 2nd but the first was an XE (customer came in to buy an ION) They are getting quite a few looks and some test drives but not too many serious buyers yet. The SKY still steals the show in the "just looking" and "that's a Saturn?" department Of course, the 2 SKYs I have are $33,800 ($26K MSRP + stuff) but I bet they sell before 3 more Aura's go. I'm in Southern California.
  9. GMinTheDriveway

    Solstice overload at Roush

    Most Roush "Stage 1" kits are appearance mods on the Fords so bodykits makes sense.
  10. GMinTheDriveway

    Saturn slips into Opel's orbit

    it's already 7 years too late... I just hope my job will hold on until these things show up. I've been hearing "be patient, they're coming!" since I started with Saturn in the beginning of 2004. Promises are great, concept cars are fun, but people buy cars not concepts and promises. If I wanted to sell promises and concepts I'd be an insurance salesman.
  11. GMinTheDriveway

    An Icon Departs

    Hmmm, I always get as "vanilla" as a 6-series BMW or CL coupe which are the overpriced EU cars that are actually in the same class as the 04-06 GTO. Start throwing a little money at it and you end up with an AMG or M fighter, not a bloated sunfire. The advantage is also stealth, although more than a few people have hurt their necks craning to see my car from every angle- and it looks stock.
  12. GMinTheDriveway

    An Icon Departs

    All I see is a lot of blah blah blah. We knew the car was only here for 3 years from the get-go. Anyone who thinks this car is BORING hasn't DRIVEN ONE!
  13. GMinTheDriveway

    SEMA Solstice Weekend Racer Concept

    Don't tell that to Chuck Mallett, I'm pretty sure he ignored those rumors when he decided the LS2 WILL FIT in the Kappa cars (see http://mallettcars.com ) I like everything about this SEMA concept except for the: Color Wing Z3/Viper vents on the fenders I can take or leave the side skirts and hard-top Hmm, seems I like it best near-stock.
  14. GMinTheDriveway

    Motor Trend 2006 Sport/Utility of the Year

    So the 2006 VUE doesn't qualify as "substantially redesigned"? Nearly every interior and exterior panel has been changed. Sure, MT would put it in last place for being "plasticky" or some garbage like that but hey, at least give us a rub!
  15. GMinTheDriveway

    C&G Spy Shots: The Next ION!

    And so do 2006 IONs. They finally came up with an attractive alloy wheel from Saturn! The last great one was the sawtooth back in early 90s.

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