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  1. Awesome t shirt that will no longer be for sale again in 7 hours. http://jalopnik.com/5308933/hilariously-aw...hariots-retired
  2. They have a prototype they are visiting various departments with. Its about time we get a car dedicated solely to police.
  3. I saw a 2010 Camaro for the first time yesterday. No badges whatsoever so i'm guessing it was bottom end base model.
  4. I just read a story today on CNN that featured a dealership that was offering 40% on some of their vehicles. They said after June 9th whatever vehicles are left, they can no longer sell them and that Chrysler doesn't have to take them back. Story: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/06/02/dealershi...sing/index.html
  5. I've got a Channellock tool set and i've been extremely happy with it. I've had craftsman and still have craftsman but to me it's the same as other tool sets just with a big name. I like the Husky tools as this is what I used on a daily basis when I worked for the Home Depot and they were good as quality as anything else out there.
  6. When was the last time that thing was out of the garage ? With the government running the show, be lucky to see anything above 4cyls.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh_Q8RuDMIQ
  8. I haven't seen anything set in stone nor is it on Chevrolet's police vehicle site. But there are rumors that it is being discussed and with a price tag of 40K. Just be a standard SS model with automatic tranny. Probably have a more optimized computer program like the Police Interceptors.
  9. Guy out driving his 20 hour old Camaro SS gets rear ended by a punk teenager with no insurance or driver's license. http://jalopnik.com/5247902/this-is-what-a...o-ss-looks-like After learning what a totaled Dodge Challenger looks like, we've now seen what a totaled Camaro SS looks like. Better still, it was only 20 hours old! Ouchgasmic gallery below. Bye, Bye Mr. Camaro According to Camaro5, this brand spankin' new Camaro SS was reduced to a pile of scrap by an uninsured and unlicensed teenager ridin' dirty in a Ford Escape. We're not sure about the owner, but we would have kicked thi
  10. DSFD506


    Well I might as well add a few of my toys in here. My 2007 Ranger Sport 4x4 borrowing my brother's 33's until my wheels are done. One of my favorite on the truck. Also have 6 strobes and headlight flasher. One of my work toys. 1988 F-250 460ci with 9xxx original miles, 33x12.50's and 12k Mile Marker winch. My other work toy covered in snow. 1999 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. 5x,xxx org miles. My airsoft toys. M4 on left with M500 Tact light and PSG-1 on right with 400fps upgrade. My Glock collection. Can you tell which is real ?
  11. Hmmm still worked for me but here it is again just to be sure http://videos.thestate.com/vmix_hosted_app...1&sort=NULL
  12. I've had some guys pull out behind me and another car one night driving an old interceptor. They flew right up to the back bumper of that other car and rode their tail for a few minutes before switching lanes. I noticed them flying up to the back of my truck til they got bout 20ft away and then slowed down below the speed limit. I took my time turning at a stop light so I could see them go by but they waited til I was completely on the other road before going through the intersection. I forgot to mention my thin blue line sticker in the back glass didn't I ? Personally, I feel these cars s

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