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  1. bdc

    Spy Shoots Back

    I thought they looked strange with the lack of “Michigan Manufacturer" plates as well. I enjoy seeing spy pics, keep up the good work. I tend to see a lot of camo vehicles living in metro Detroit and alway forget to have my camera ready - maybe some day.
  2. The 3.5 on the Aura gets 224hp. Sad that the 3.9 only cranks out 227 w/auto.
  3. How come this one was never published?
  4. bdc

    An Icon Departs

    It was a failure in a sense that it never sold as well as GM had hoped. The current model would end now regardless. Hopefully it will appear again in the not so distant future. For the 1 1/2 years that I have had mine I have had no complaints. Yes, it is a little bland but so what. I have received more compliments on this car than any other I have owned in the past. It is waaayy fun to drive and fast as hell and even cruises the highway with a very compliant ride. I only have mine for 6 more months. While I am looking forward to a new car, I will miss the GTO when it is gone. Looks like I may have to get two new tires before I turn it in - to many spirited driving days.
  5. A 1-series model would be sweet for Saab - just get it here before 3 years!! http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/arti...ANE&refsect=ANE
  6. bdc

    Downtown Detroit

    Don't worry, Kid rock is not that bad.
  7. So, I drove by there and did not see anything - maybe. It was dark so it was not easy to see, but there did not appear to be a car in the mentioned spot. There was a white LaCrosse a little farther down (maybe this is the one) in a lot with many cars. Too dark to really see anyting. Sorry.
  8. bdc

    G6 review

  9. How does the Mazda5 finish 1rst, but is not recommended? And I would agree that the HHR has a cramped interior. When I took one for a test drive I really felt closed in. Other than that I thiought it was a decent vehicle.
  10. When was the C & D review?
  11. Has anyone seen pics of the G6 with 17" black chrome wheels? They are a new option on the GT.
  12. bdc

    GMC Envoy?

    AH-HA - FWD platform?

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