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  1. Is it bad my first thought was "Sand Boils; hmm, I wonder if that's what Sand People get from walking too much." Seriously, though, the flooding has been interesting to me, simply because I live in Evansville, IN. For those who haven't heard of it (and you'll be forgiven ) it's as far south as you can go in Indiana and still stay within the state; we're right on the Ohio. With all the water we've gotten, it wouldn't take anything severe of a 'quake to make life interesting. Hadn't thought about that until now.
  2. Should the Corvette be "stripped" and offered for the kids? Yes and no. Let me explain. No, there should never be a spartan car with the "Corvette" name on it that sells for $20k-$30k. That may be what the Corvette was, but that's not what it is anymore. Doing that would effectively throw away everything Chevy & GM have developed with its image. Besides, if everyone can afford one, then it loses its magic. Once you make it "un-special," and put one in the hands of everyone who wants one, it becomes meaningless. The Corvette is there for people to aspire to own; it's not for everyone. The car is fine as-is. Once the new model comes out, everyone will forget all this "doom and gloom" BS and go back to talking about how awesome it is and how they want one. Now, should there be a lower-priced "Mini-Vette" for more of the masses? Yes. It would, however be rather expensive to re-use Kappa, even if they did own the tooling and the factory (assuming my understanding that Kappa was under-priced with the Solstice and Sky). They do, however, have a sports car platform and factory combination that could possibly accept more volume: The Vette/Bowling Green combination. While I'm not an engineer, I've always wondered how much cost you could take out of the Corvette without losing too much of the sporty nature of the car. Is there enough that you could have a "Y-Plus" chassis for the Corvette, and a "Y-Minus" chassis that would underpin a mid-$20k two-seater (call it Monza)? This would give not only the lower-priced model that everyone wants, it would save the name and the history of the actual Corvette. It would also have the side benefit of making sure that Bowling Green would have more volume for the factory. To continue rambling, I could see a Monza as a V6-only car, with about 300ish HP. Keep the option packages simple; this should be a low-frills car. Make it a traditional body (steel, aluminum) rather than fiberglass. Offer it in fixed-roof and true soft-top, or maybe just soft-top only. At the most, give it some minor Vette cues here and there; just enough to sell the "little brother" look. Make sure you put a new Corvette in the ads with the Monza, saying "Hey, you can't afford the big one, but this is just as much bang for the buck, but less bucks!" This is GM's solution to the non-existent problem. But this may just be me.
  3. Not a bad car; more interesting visually than the outgoing, thanks to the side scoop and the faster roofline. SRT-8 actually looks quite interesting with the new grill (took me a couple looks to figure out exactly what was going on with the crossbar). All-in-all, I'd say it's a pretty solid entry.
  4. On my '06 you hold the "Unlock" on the door locks for a couple seconds. Hate to sound like an @$$, but have you tried that?
  5. Darnit; now I want to start working on a blueprint/model for one. Curse you. And your offspring.
  6. Also, it's (relatively) easy to get more power out of a supercharged engine; just crank up the boost. So, should BMW's power jump in a year or two, they'd be able to turn up the power quickly. At least that's my view on it.
  7. Very cool sketch. I'd like to see a modern rendition of the wheel-well vents, though. Other than that, rather awesome.
  8. Yeah, the fender flares give it away. The headlights look interesting, though.
  9. How on God's Green Earth are you supposed to fit in one? Is that why they make the convertable; so real people can actually ride in one?
  10. Much, much, much better than the S-Type, which has got to be one of the ugliest cars on the road.
  11. If it's loaded at $27k, I'd actually expect around $21-$22 for it with nothing. I'm seeing an Aveo with a battery pack and a better motor/aero for the hybrid. Don't know how accurate that is.
  12. My opinion, the profile of the top one, with the grill and the fins from the middle one. Or, just put the fins on the top one. If it's retro-futuristic, it's gotta have tail fins.
  13. I see these as retro-futuristic. Take it how you will, but they look like someone from the '50s was creating a Sci-Fi movie, and Caddy wanted in. So, they built a series of custom cars just for the movie. They look cool, and I wish I had your talent, but they look like futuristic concepts from the '50s, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
  14. Just my guess, but could the cars being photographed be powertrain mules? Or, could they be "electronics mules," cars built to test new nav/traction control/powertrain software?

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