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    Should Dodge Offer their M28 Hood and Fender Molding Option Again?

      In the 1970's Dodge offered on the Charger and Challenger a M28 Hood and Fender Molding option. This transformed the look of the 426 Hemi powered auto's that really set them apart in the Pony wars. Today a new artist has built what they think Dodge should offer. What are your thoughts?

    It is 1971, your in your local Dodge Dealer trying to decide between the Charger or Challenger. As a single adult, you choose the Challenger with the 426 Hemi option. Now comes the next big question, do you order it with the M28 Hood and Fender trim package or not? If so, which hood option do you go with and do you go coupe or convertible?


    Even today, these rare pony cars are now bringing in big bucks if you have them with matching numbers, restore them and take them to auction. Yet those are the pony cars of the past and now we have todays Chargers and Challengers with modern monster versions of the Demon, SRT, etc. to name a few and still one thing is missing. The factory option of the Hood and Fender molding.

    A Artist and 3D modeller with a passion for American Muscle Cars was asked by his daughter what he thought a modern take on the M28 Hood / Fender molding might look like if Dodge was to offer one today. He took to it with gusto and came up with the following that he posted to Instagram.


    As such he did the models in various colors which you can check out at the link above and figured a modern Glory Model with the Supercharger would be the way he would go if he was Dodge.


    So the question being asked here especially for those muscle car enthusiast, what do you think of this take and should Dodge offer this package again for the current lineup of Charger/Challenger auto's?


    The designer posted the various pictures with the following:

    Last time i made a car for my girl made me think that i probably going to make this Glory name as a brand like hennessey or saleen or shelby.
    So heres my Glory concept of the Challenger, this is a remastered version of my original bodykit design back in 2019, new front bumper design, new rear diffuser lower valance, and new Blower Scoop on the hood bulge 💪

    Its also have new supercharger with Glory signature carbon plenum. With goals to make this capable of 1000hp.. the Glory Challenger will be a production ready tuned challenger, probably with better handling package as well, since it has wider widebody, wider tires.

    With the glory challenger i want to bring back the good old Muscle car key design element back, the front facia will have a chrome like the old 70 Charger or body color option. The blower scoop is integrated into the hood with active butterflies that open with computer controlled valve. quad exhaust, and thicker rear wheels for better grip at the quarter mile.

    I really wish this Glory name could be my performance brand one day. A new breed of Streetmachines

    What do you think about this concept?

    Credit to Adry53 Customs

    He also has a YouTube channel here:

    Adry53 - YouTube

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