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  • David

    Project Thunderball bringing Sexy Back to Cars EV Style

      Where artistic brilliance meets cutting-edge German technology, this is the Wiesmann Project Thunderball luxury roadster!

    Coupe or Convertible, your choice in what could easily be a 21st century Bond car.


    April 2022 Wiesmann revealed a Thunderball Concept EV to considerable excitement. This car features a classic two-seat, rear-wheel drive layout and lightweight carbon fibre construction, delivering performance, responsiveness, and engagement that enthusiasts demand. Wiesmann at the start of this year opened the books and as of this past Superbowl weekend, the first year production of the Wiesmann "Project Thunderball" is sold out. This is a big accomplishment for a sports sedan with a $320,000 dollar starting price. 

    To quote Owner and CEO of Wiesmann, Roheen Berry:  “We are all extremely proud that Project Thunderball – the car which heralds the return of the storied Wiesmann brand – should resonate so strongly with driving enthusiasts from around the world. We knew that combining the timeless design, luxury, and hand-crafted finish that Wiesmann is renowned for, together with a state-of-the-art electric powertrain that delivers exceptional performance, range and charging and our own technology, including the innovative regenerative braking system, would result in a truly captivating and iconic car. To have already sold out the first year of production proves the unique appeal of Project Thunderball and represents a phenomenal start to a Wiesmann’s new, electrified era.” 


    Project Thunderball has the initial details with more to come as they get closer to the 2024 delivery date.

    • Targeted acceleration
      • From 0-62mph (0-100 km/h) 2.9 seconds
      • From 0-125mph (0-200 km/h) 8.9 seconds 
    • 680hp (500kW) and 809 lb-ft (1,100Nm) of torque
      • Dual motor - 250kW each
    • Transmission - Single speed limited slip
    • Brakes
      • Front: 380 mm rotors, 6 piston calipers
      • Back: 380 mm rotors, 4 piston calipers
    • Battery range of 310 miles (500km)
    • 92kWh lithium-ion battery pack connected on an 800V state-of-the-art electrical system
    • 300kW DC fast charging via the onboard 22kW charging controller
    • Curb Weight - 3,747lbs (1,700kg)
    • Power to weight ratio of 5.5lbs (2.5kg) per HP
    • Weight distribution (% f/r) 48/52


    Production will commence at the Wiesmann's "Gecko" facility in Dulmen, Germany.


    Body and Chassis specifications:

    • Body Type - Coupe/Roadster
    • Chassis - Aluminum spaceframe
      • Wheelbase - 102 inches (2595 mm)
      • Track Front - 61.5 inches (1564 mm)
      • Rear - 68.6 inches (1668 mm)
      • Steering - Electric Power Steering
      • Suspension - Fully adjustable sports suspension including anti-roll bars
    • Body Length - 271 inches (4440 mm)
    • Width - 135 inches (2210 MM) including mirrors
    • Doors/Seats 2/2
    • Cargo
      • Front 6.3 cubic feet (180Liters) 2 carry-on golf bags
      • Rear 4.4 cubic feet (125 Liters) 2 regular golf bags - Coupe only

    You can check out all the pictures of the handcrafted autos on weismann Instagram page.

    Wiesmann Sports Cars (@wiesmannsportscars) • Instagram photos and videos


    Wiesmann Sports Cars GMBH is taking reservations for the 2025 production, $3,217 US or $3,000 Euros as of this writing date.

    ThunderBall Reservation

    Cancel Anytime

    Priority Availability

    100% Refundable

    The All-New Wiesmann Thunderball

    Timeless design, coachbuilt quality, bespoke individuality


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    I got a mixed bag of emotions regarding this one.


    The song and group are fitting for this...because the Stones are British and the styling of this EV sure seems to be of the British roadster type.  I love the Stones and I love this EV.   However...I dont like the front end styling of it.  Dont like the grille and there is something about the headlights that I dont like. I cant put my finger on itIs it the black enclosure?  Is it the plain jane circles?  Is the oval enclosure awkward?   I do LOVE the fenders and the way they bulge and the hood scultpured the way it is.  Only If the grille was a different shape.  

    I dont like the backlights. I dont like the fact that they are protruding circles, but I do like their placement and the angle of them in the back.  Im not entirely enamoured by the styling of the back end, but its not too bad either.  

    I LOVE the silhouette and I LOVE the interior.  Those gauges are awesome.  Very elegant.   I love the supposed statistics but I dont really like the price tag. 

    Definetely roadster for me!!! 

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    @oldshurst442 When I first saw this, I thought it was an Alfa Romeo like this.


    But with unfinished headlights as I just do not see the purpose in the wind drag those headlights will cause.

    While there is lots to like about it, the front end needs work IMHO.

    I love that it is a Roadster / Coupe EV car that delivers on the look and based on the press release feel of traditional ICE driving but without the ICE.

    I too was surprised by the price but seems there are plenty of fools and their money soon parted. That has been proven by the German and Italian brands with their limited release autos.

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