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    KIA Newsroom Updates - Concepts, ICE, Hybrid and EVs Debute at 2021 Seoul Mobility Show and LA for the World

      The 2021 Seoul and LA auto shows have shown the future of what is coming from Kia for the World. A series of ICE, Hybrid and EVs along with concepts of the direction Kia is moving were seen.


    Kia has launched the 2023 family of ICE, Hybrid and EVs in Seoul Korea along with concepts at the LA auto show. The Kia Niro is a move forward leading Kia to a more sustainable future.

    The Niro was revealed as an all-new auto making sustainable mobility accessible for everyone.

    • Refreshed exterior with wide rear pillar, simple lines and transformed tiger face
    • Innovative interior features and sustainable materials
    • Greenzone Drive Mode technology integrates sustainability into daily life

    The Kia Niro was developed under the companies Opposites United Design philosophy and is strongly influenced from the 2019 Habaniro concept.

    The Kia Niro will be available in HEV, PHEV and EV powertrains starting in 2023. More details at the following link:

    Kia Global Media Center : The all-new Kia Niro world debuts at 2021 Seoul Mobility Show (kianewscenter.com)

    Kia Global Media Center : Kia HabaNiro Concept heats up Manhattan (kianewscenter.com)


    The LA autoshow was the launch point for the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid CUV. 

    Kia released the following details about the all new 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid.

    • Hybrid iteration of completely redesigned Sportage SUV unveiled October 2021
    • 226hp turbo hybrid powertrain: superb performance, up to 39 MPG (targeted)
    • More than 500 miles of driving range
    • Larger in every dimension with best-in-class rear legroom and cargo room1
    • CO2 emissions reduced by nearly 40 percent over outgoing model
    • Available dual panoramic 12.3-inch display screens3
    • 8 standard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    • 1.6-liter turbo GDI engine
    • 44kW permanent magnet electric motor
    • High-output 1.49 kWh lithium-ion battery
    • 6-speed automatic transmission with rotary style shifter
    • Class-leading 2,000 lb towing capacity
    • Active AWD is standard on EX and SX-Prestige trims, while LX is available with a choice of FWD and Active AWD
      • Active AWD system2 uses electro-hydraulic coupling with center-locking differential to actively distribute power between front and rear wheels depending on road and driving conditions
      • E-Handling uses the hybrid motor to deliver a confident driving experience
    • Standard paddle shifters and Drive Mode Select with ECO, Sport, Smart and Snow modes

    Moving from the smallest CUV in its class to the largest in its class Kia has pointed out the following:

    • Overall length is 7.1 inches longer than the previous generation, with a 3.4-inch longer wheelbase
    • Taller and wider by a half inch compared to the previous generation
    • Class-leading rear legroom with 41.3 inches of room1
    • Best-in-Class rear cargo capacity of 39.5 cu-ft. of space1
    • Dual level cargo floor

    More details and images at the press release link:



    Kia has the EV6 as their initial EV launch vehicle available in all states starting in 2023. With that Kia revealed their EV9 Concept, the second expected CUV in their EV lineup that is coming.

    Seems more and more the future of interior is to be very open and spacious for end users.

    It seems the future is also where the customer can auto configure their seats as needed for lifestyle needs be it tailgating to camping.

    The Concept EV9 had the following released details:

    • 194 inches in length, 81 inches wide, 70 inches in height and a 122-inch wheelbase
    • 300-mile electric driving range
    • Ultra-fast charging technology using 350 kW charging for quick replenish of energy
    • Hood vent area is a solar panel allowing the auto to capture energy while maintaining the interior needs of the user
    • Panoramic sky roof allowing for maximum natural light
    • Inspired by water taking on the characteristics of serenity, calmness and wellbeing
    • Sustainable Mobility as the EV9 embraces Kia's carbon neutrality goal

    The Kia Concept EV9 – Kia’s all-electric SUV concept takes center stage at AutoMobility LA (kiamedia.com)

    Photos & Videos - Kia America Newsroom (kiamedia.com)


    Kia Telluride was named to the Car and Drivers 10 best 2022 models. Kia has their 2023 lineup of cars and CUVs on display at LA showing the future of Kia.

    Kia America Newsroom (kiamedia.com)

    Photos & Videos - Auto Shows - Kia America Newsroom (kiamedia.com)

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    Thinking on the EV9 Concept at 194 inches in overall length, I took a look at the Chevrolet Tahoe which is 210 inches overall length and the Rivian R1S which is 200 inches overall length.

    This makes me think Kia is looking to enter the full-size SUV/CUV market with the EV9.

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    19 hours ago, balthazar said:

    194" is the exact same size as a Malibu.

    Been out of the car segment so is the Malibu considered mid-size or full size now?

    They seem to always come into a segment on the small size and then update/upgrade to a much bigger size such as they did with the Sportage. Was smallest in its class and it is now the biggest in its class.

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    1 hour ago, balthazar said:

    “Full-size now” is a marketing-based fallacy. There’s no full-sized sedans left, haven’t been for decades.

    None of the S Classes, 7 Series or A8 are really full-size? Or do you just mean the mainstream brands? 

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    ^ I guess; tho they're (7-series : 207") the size of mid-size cars of the pre-downsize era. 

    Definitely holds true for the (commonly perceived as) mainstream brands tho.

    I suppose if I wish to be reasonable, cars over 200" could be considered 'full-size' by process of elimination.... but if we're sticking to the narrative that pickups & SUVs are the 'family sedans of yesterday', just over 207" is a compact.  ;)😆


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    My 'family sedan' truck is 241".

    Of the 23 vehicles I've owned, only 2 were under 200"- the powertrain-less shell of a '63 Nova I flipped (183"), and a '95 Taurus wagon I got for my son to drive for a year & a half (193").

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