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  • G. David Felt
    G. David Felt

    World Premiere of ID.2all Shows VW is Serious About EVs for Everyone!

      Volkswagen has revealed their global ID.2all electric car for everyone costing less than $25,000 Euros or $27,000 U.S. dollars for an EV.

    German based Volkswagen revealed their global EV the ID.2all that is expected to be the cost leading EV beating Tesla their biggest EV competitor to offering a coming entry level EV for the masses.


    The company has stated that the ID.2all is spacious like a Golf and affordable like the Polo with a range of 450 KM or 280 Miles of range on a single charge. This newest addition to the ID family will be built on the new MEB platform. This EV will go into production in 2024 with an on-sale date of European Market 2025 and other markets to follow.


    Per Kai Grunitz, member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for technical development: “The ID. 2all will be the first MEB vehicle with front-wheel drive. We are exploiting the great flexibility offered by our modular electric drive (MEB) platform and will set new standards in terms of technology and everyday usability with the MEB Entry platform.”

    ID.2 Specifications released so far:

    • MEB Platform, FWD
    • 166 kW or 223 HP
    • Range 450 km or 280 miles
    • Charging time to 80% is approximately 20 min.
    • 0-100 km/h (0-62mph) = 7second
    • Top speed = 160 km/h or 99.5 mph
    • Length = 4,050mm or 159.5 inches
    • Width = 1,812mm or 71.4 inches
    • Height = 1,530mm or 60.2 inches
    • Wheelbase = 2,600 or 102.4 inches
    • Wheels = 225/40R20

    Volkswagen has indicated that this interior is class leading as a spacious, high-quality appearance with a self-explanatory operating system. The ID.2all depending on rear seats up or down offers a generous interior cargo hauling space, 490 to 1,330 litres of space or 17.3 cubic feet to 47 cubic feet of space.


    The FWD MEB system is of the following look:


    For the full press release images check out the gallery here:

    Official Press Release: EN_ID2all_presspack.pdf

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    47 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

    It's probably a great little car but I don't care a whole lot for small, FWD cars. 

    Thank you, cannot remember who it was but someone here on the boards was always talking about the Golf and Polo and how they would be great cars.

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    1 hour ago, David said:

    Thank you, cannot remember who it was but someone here on the boards was always talking about the Golf and Polo and how they would be great cars.

    They would be, I'm just know my next vehicle certainly will not me smaller than what I have now. 

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    4 hours ago, ccap41 said:

    It's probably a great little car but I don't care a whole lot for small, FWD cars. 

    I wanted to give a vote on this post. But I dont know which one to give.

    1. I cant  give an upvote because although I agree with the post. I dont also.  I mean, I UNDERSTAND what you mean, I agree with you, but I dont as I, my wife really, doesnt mind a small FWD car...  And THAT is where I dont agree. Not with the statement, I undersatand your statement, but I dont mind a small FWD car...   

    2. I cant give you a heart because...well...see above.

    3. its not a negative vote...

    4. Its not a Hell Yeah vote.  Because obviously this kinda car could actually BE in my driveway. But not for ME.  For my wife. Because for ME, I ALSO dont care a whole lot for a small car.  I dont mind the FWD part though...

    5. Its not a sad or confused vote...

    6. Its not a great idea. Its not educational.  Although it might be educational as we just educated ourselves as to how you feel about small FWD cars...

    7. Its not a facepalm

    So its best not to vote?


    2 hours ago, ccap41 said:

    They would be, I'm just know my next vehicle certainly will not me smaller than what I have now. 

    So this post gets an upvote instead...


    Depending how small it is, if its too small, then maybe my wife wont want it.

    For now,  if we need to get a brand new EV...for her...its a Chevy Equinox EV.  

    For me.  NOTHING is out there that I would like to own.   ICE or EV.

    Sure...a Challenger or Mustang is always nice.  Those arent too usefull for my needs though.

    Maybe the Dodge Banshee/Charger EV that is still a concept might be the answer.  

    Or Ill bight the bullet and get myself a CUV.  The Mustang Mach-E.   

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    I just don't like small cars in general.  Too noisy on the road, cramped and uncomfortable. For my next new car, it will probably be another Grand Cherokee...maybe an Overland or Summit w/ the McIntosh stereo.  

    I'm channeling my inner 65 year old, but I would love a brand new 1996 Cadillac Brougham, Buick Roadmaster or Lincoln Town Car w/ today's infotainment systems, soft-touch interior trim and today's V8 power and efficiency.  But with the classic cushy seats and ride and quiet...I want serenity in my drive, but still want blast some U2, NIN, Eagles, Joe Bonamassa, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, or Beethoven when I feel like it..

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    • I haven't actually done anything about it but we have plenty of power and the electric box is mounted on an exterior wall and I'm sure it would be as simple as running wire through the wall and mounting a charger outside. We still don't have a garage so I'm a little iffy if I want anything electric until that's done, so it can be inside. I know they make exterior chargers, but I'd just feel better if it was inside.    Yaaay, public transit! I take a bus every day to STL. I drive 1 mile to the bus and the bus does the remaining 29 miles. I did the math a couple years ago and I think in just fuel, I saved like 15k in the 7 or 8 years I had been here. Tomorrow will actually be my 10-year anniversary at my company. I'm sure my savings are around 20k in gasoline alone, let alone maintenance and tires. 
    • You're right ... it would also have to be trimmed out.  I don't think wheel well skirts were the way to go since Pontiac tried to purvey the image of being the sportiest among the full-sized GM boulevardiers and the skirts don't work well with their trademark rally wheels. Also, as I got closer to that Bonneville coupe in Yosemite, I believe the fabric seats had this cool tweed-like look - in that apple green I mentioned - instead of the over the top velour pillowed seats you might see in the upline Grandville Brougham. I would have loved to have driven one of these cars at some point just to see what they feel like.  I'm sure they're fine on the freeway, but it would be interesting to know how they behave on the 2-lane mountain roads into Yosemite and other mountain destinations.
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