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    Trivia Tuesday: January 27, 2015

      The Riviera has an encore in this week's Trivia Tuesday. Can you answer the following trivia?

    In last week's Trivia Tuesday, we learned some interesting facts about the evolution of the Buick Riviera. The Riviera has an encore in this week's quiz. Can you answer the following trivia? The answers to last weeks Trivia Tuesday are below.

    1.) What do the letters IROC stand for?

    2.) What was the last year / make of a U.S.-built four-door convertible in regular production?

    3.) The Edsel brand is often known as being a marketing failure, yet 3 of it's model names went on to be used by other brands. Name them.

    4.) 1999 was the last model year for the Buick Riviera. When did that nameplate first appear at Buick, and what did it denote?

    5.) On what make & model car was the "Eliminator" package available?

    6.) The owner of the car pictured below customized his ride to commemorate what successful retail product that he developed?


    Answers to Trivia Tuesday January 20th, 2015

    1.) Nervous Norvus (1956)

    2.) Rickenbacker (1922-1927)

    3.) Golden Commando (350)

    4.) Triumph (1902-1984)

    5.) Riviera

    6.) LaSalle

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    1 International Race of Champions


    2 1967 Lincoln Convertible


    3 Pacer, Ranger and Citation


    4 1949 Buick


    5 1969 Cougar


    6 Aw Boon Haw the creator of Tiger Balm Cream customized his car.


    I knew the car in 6 was in Hong Kong as my great uncle had photos of it from his many trips to there. I was unsure of the name but he did make many trips to Tiger Balm Gardens and that is what I figured out.

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    Just wanted to step in and point out questions three and five have possible additional correct answers.


    3. In addition to Ranger, Citation and Pacer, Villager was a name used for one of Edsel's wagon models. The name would return on Mercury's first minivan, shared with Nissan.


    5. Speaking of Mercury, we all know the hot Cougar for '69 (heh... hot... Cougar... '69) was the Eliminator. But interestingly enough, Jeep would offer an inappropriately named Eliminator package on the Comanche pickup truck in the 1980s.

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    This is my first ever car trivia! Honestly, I did not know any so I guess I lost, but maybe next time there will be some cars on here I can recognize. :)

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