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Holden Commodore Dual-Fuel


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GM Holden Launches Dual-fuel Commodore
Text courtesy of General Motors Corporation

GM Holden’s 3.6 litre Alloytec V6 to run
on petrol and LPG

The success of Australia ’s most popular car range will be enhanced with the launch of a dual-fuel Commodore, featuring a newly-developed version of GM Holden’s 3.6 litre Alloytec V6. The engine is modified to run on petrol and LPG, using new valves and hardened valve seats designed for harsher LPG operating conditions.

Based on the Executive variant, the LPG-powered Commodore uses a high-tech system called Sequential Vapour Gas Injection (SVGI), which injects gas directly into the air intake runner, eliminating excess gas circulating through the air intake system.

The system gains further efficiencies by mimicking the petrol injection sequence, which allowed engineers to achieve power and torque figures close to theoretical LPG maximum efficiencies. Like the petrol-only Executive, power is 175kW @ 6000 rpm with 320 Nm of torque @ 2800 rpm.

Consistent with GM Holden’s efficient Alloytec engines, the dual-fuel Executive meets Euro 2 emission standards. LPG fuel economy is 14.4 litres/100km (sedan) and 14.8 litres/100km (wagon). Petrol fuel economy figures remain unchanged at 11.1 litres/100km (sedan) and 11.3 litres/100km (wagon).

Significant development work was undertaken to ensure a seamless transition from petrol to LPG while driving, with no discernable power difference. The LPG system uses petrol on start up, then automatically transfers to LPG, if selected, once the engine has warmed up.

Another advantage of the gas-powered Commodore is one fuel filling point – the gas outlet is located above the petrol cap behind the fuel filler door.

The system is also easy to service and maintain. In addition to GM Holden’s standard maintenance schedule, the dual-fuel system requires an LPG-system service only every 15,000kms, which involves changing two filters and a leak check.

GM Holden National Fleet Manager Simon Carr said the appeal of LPG-powered vehicles is increasing due to LPG’s compliance with all current and future emissions regulations, and the comparatively low cost of LPG.

“There’s more and more interest in LPG vehicles due to the increased cost of petrol.” he said.

“GM Holden’s sophisticated SVGI system produces the same driving characteristics as the petrol-only Commodore and it also has the cost advantage of the cheaper fuel source.”

The dual-fuel VZ Commodore Executive is priced at $37,550 for the sedan and $40,660 for the wagon.

Production of the LPG-powered Commodore begins in October, with GM Holden dealers taking orders from today. Edited by HarleyEarl
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Awsome. Back in Slovakia my uncle had a 80s Lada. It was a stationwagon and he had it converted to LPG. There was a big huge propane tank in the rear of the car, covered by an old quilt to kee it discret. Sometimes to freak us out he'd put the key in the ignition and juist before turning it say "Do you smell gas? *snif-snif* I hope we don't blow up!" :P Edited by Sixty8panther
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