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Went to an auto auction last week


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Last Wednesday my gf and I went to an auto auction. We sat in an drove many vehicles. Some were good some were not so good and some were pretty horrible.

There were a couple GM cars I saw and looked at. a previous gen Grand Prix, and a 90's Seville. I didn't get to test drive either, but I did sit in them. The Caddy was nice, with plenty of soft materials and so on. I've always been a fan of the styling, but it's not a car I could afford, so I passed on it. The Grand Prix was probably in my price range...but I just could get get by the interior. Now, I can put up with a lot...but the plastics and the switchgear were just awful. Ugly, cheap, and squeaky are some good adjective for it. It really disappointed me.

I also test drove a 1st gen Outback, which was quite nice to drive but had a lot wrong with it. There was a 90's Maxima there, but it had well over 200k miles on it and the interior needed work. There was an `02 Dodge Stratus there. It was in great shape and very nice on the outside, but the inside was a sea of cheap plastic and bad design. Not only that but the driver's door panel was coming apart. The steering was numb and the break was mushy. Plus it was out of our budget. I test drove 5 3rd gen Caravans/Voyagers and every one of them were utter $h!. One of them died (tranny failure) while I was driving it and got left on the lot where it died until Friday. I looked at a couple of 2nd gen Neons, one had issues with the door locks, the other with the steering wheel coming apart. There were some first gen Neons but all three didn't run. I drove 2 Mazda Millenias...one was very nice the other was in bad shape. Neither lived up to BV's hype though. I drove a couple of other cars too.

At the end of the day, I walked away with a new car, and 2 days later I got the keys to it. I'd post it sooner but i want some pics to show you all before I announce the car. Feel free to guess though :P

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