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As a reader for a while now, I thought I'd post to say that the site is almost unnavigatable. Problem one is that everything spawns a new tab. I'd really be nice if everything kept to the same tab like the old forum did. It's nearly impossible to browse anymore, since I have to pick a forum (new tab), pick a subforum (new tab), then I can read threads in the same tab. To go to the next bit of reading, it's close, close, new tab, new tab. It's getting to point where it's almost impossible to see the great content on the site. That kind of leads me to problem two, though I suspect if problem one were solved, problem two would vanish. When I come to the main page, I am logged in. Unfortunately, that does not carry over to any of the spawned tabs. So to read anything, I have to go to a login screen. If I didn't have to go to a new tab, it won't happen (force Same Tab). I'm using FireFox. Anyone else experiencing the same issues? Tony
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I'm really not liking the creator of Firefox. that seems to be where most of our issues are coming.


Much of firefox's problems are caused by plugins. As long as you keep it base, it's ok.
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Update your "Tabbed Browser Settings" Add-on.  The last release had a major glitch in it, and the new version corrects it.


It says I'm current. I'm using Tabbrowser Extensions version 1.14.2005090501. I use it in one window mode, same domain/same tab, new window > new tab.

I've never had it not work on other boards, though I've never been on a board with this software.

BTW, the other extensions don't seem like they'd affect anything:
Statusbar Clock
Compact Menu
Windows Update

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