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Catastrophic Failure


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So I was driving home from work last week, when my Yukon started making a thumping noise. At first I thought it was just a bent rim or something, but I would have only been so lucky. After checking out all the wheels and taking it for another drive, I noticed that it only happened under power.

After talking to a few people and having them take a look it, we thought it might be the U joint. It looked worn, but after replacing that the sound was still coming from somewhere else.

It sounded like it was coming from the rear end. :(

We took a look in the rear end, and this is what we found laying on the bottom....

Posted Image

We decided that this wasn't something that could be done in the garage over the weekend, and took it to the rack and pinion shop. This is what they found.....

Posted Image

Posted Image

He said that he doesn't see stuff torn apart like this very often, and there was probably a problem with the heat treatment during the production.

But now after a week with no truck and $1100, the Yukon is dune ready.

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Ouch. Did you put factory parts in, or an aftermarket ring & pinion?

The ring and pinion was stock, but my grandpa had an auburn posi installed almost as soon as it was picked up from the dealership.

I wanted like 3.73's or even something higher, but since it is 4 wd the front would have had to be changed also. That would have been around 1800. So we had stock parts reinstalled.

I will go with to the dunes...How about early July Silver lake run????

Deal, around the 4th would be awesome.

I will bring tow straps for when you get stuck LOL

:lol: I can let you use mine, I got some to pull people out of the snow, $20 a pop.

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