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Paint TOTALLY stripped from SAAB hood Logo on 6 month old car!


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Well, I bought a new 2006 SAAB 9-5 from my employer about half a year ago and I had it detailed in the shop today. I got out there to get my car and the paint was totally stripped from my hood logo! Now, I know all the workers back there and they would not do that on purpose so it was probably a defective logo. As I looked at some more SAAB's in the shop (the ones which are a year or 2 old), I noticed the same thing happening to all the logos. Yet, when I see the SAAB-Scania logos, they are as blue as can be. Has GM made these logos cheaper? To me if the logo paint peels off, then that's pretty bad advertisement (especially on a 6 month old car). By the way, other than that, this car has been great!

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This has happened on all three Saabs I have owned a 1987, a 1989, and 1999. It is not actually paint, but rather an enamel covering that cracks and flakes off. I am not sure if you can get a new "sticker" or not.

happened to my girl's saab too. although i didn't see this often when i worked at a saab dealer we did see a lot of them being stolen.

you can't get a new "sticker" but you can get a new emblem and just pop the old one off. i would suggest heating it up and using fishing line to cut through the double sided tape.

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I just had the emblem on my 9-2X replaced for the same reason. The dealer said it is super common on any Saab built since 2004. You'd think GM would have figured out to replace it with something better by now but I guess not. :lol: Surprisingly, it never happened on the 2005 9-3 we had leased for my wife. It made it the whole 2 year lease with the original emblem.

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