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  1. I've read about the baby buick on a few different sites now. I think that it's a good and bad idea. Good for Buick but bad for Caddy. Certainly the Caddy that will slate under the CTS will be on this new platform but how many variants do we need of this platform? I think that GM should stick to this formula: Caddy - RWD and AWD to compete with BMW and MB Buick and Saab - FWD and AWD to compete with Lexus, Audi and Volvo Pontiac - RWD Chevy and Saturn - a mix of FWD and AWD cars and trucks GMC and Hummer - RWD and 4x4 I guess that the above makes too much sense to GM. Let's keep it simple! The Alpha model for the US should go to Caddy and Pontiac. The baby Caddy, it's obvious who that would compete against (BMW 1). The G6 should be replaced (I've read rumors that it will) by a new car on this platform. Put in the up-coming 1.4T as the base with a larger 4 banger direct injection turbo as an uplevel option (from the solstice GXP). Make this the GTO and slide a direct injection 6 or even a direct inject turbo 6 (or bi turbo). I know that this won't appeal to those who want the new car to be just like the OG GTO... Well think about it... What was the first GTO? A small entry level car with a high powered engine. Well why can't that be a 4 or 6 pushing 300-350hp and getting around 30mpg? Discuss...
  2. zeek

    Butt hugger Jeans?

    yeah that's a discount designer jeans place. good site. you can get $300 jeans for $100! and actualy it has been good to know my jeans here in so. florida. i've had girls come up to me just because they like the jeans i'm weaing.
  3. zeek

    Butt hugger Jeans?

    http://www.thedenimbutt.com/ you can also have him check lucky jeans and express usually has tight jeans. that's where i used to get most of my ex's jeans from. oh and william rast jeans are supposed to give girls the best butt. ok i know way more about jeans than i should...
  4. zeek

    FRANKFURT: 2008 SAAB 9-3 Turbo X

    The car isn't much more than a dressed up base 9-3. I love the wheels but the rear bumper is way too busy!
  5. zeek

    Saab 9-5 renderings

    LOVE IT! this is what saab needs in their top of the line car. it's different and uniquely saab!
  6. zeek

    RS6 Audi

    i read that it is going to be a lambo derived v10 with bi-turbos. and who said that awd can't take that much tq? just look at bugatti!
  7. i would like to see the return of the liftback/fastback style of the saabs similar to the mazda 6 fastback for the 9-3 and a cls style 9-5. the need a better entry level car than the 9-2x (and i own one but not because it is a saab but because i wanted awd where i used to live). let saab have a delta with a turbo 4 and give it an awd option. give a crossover but base it off the epi 2 and give it some wagons. saab should be a 3 car line up (7 variations, delta hatch coupe and 4 door, 9-3 vert, fastback sedan, wagon, 9-5 cls like sedan and wagon) and one crossover.
  8. zeek

    2010 Pontiac Firebird or GTO?

    i just hope they don't make it a rebadged maro like it looks like they are going to. i would like to see a new car with it's own design based on the current pontiac design cues.
  9. zeek

    DEBUT: 2008 SAAB 9-3 Lineup

    if those are the stock (clear tails) then you can get the '06 tails and put them on there. i would keep the clers and get some black tint spray to match the black of the front lights.
  10. zeek

    DEBUT: 2008 SAAB 9-3 Lineup

    they should have bumped the hp to 300 at least for the awd version.
  11. zeek

    DEBUT: 2008 SAAB 9-3 Lineup

    love the headlights and the new clean look but i hope they do something more for the aero and "black" turbo's
  12. zeek

    Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

    kinda... got some water, a lantern and some meal replacement bars. other than that, no.
  13. zeek

    SPY SHOTS! 2008 SAAB 9-3 Rear

    i would guess that similar to the clear tails that you can buy for the wagon these will not be standard on the us spec cars
  14. zeek

    Cadillac to re-align lineup with STS and DTS replacements

    it already is being compaired with the 5 but caddy should keep it the price leader and keep it priced where it is! i would like to see a 7 series size car (not the L) as the replacement for the sts and dts. caddy should try to be the price leader in these markets until they have gained the respect and then they can increase their prices if they desire.
  15. yeah i love the front end! just give us awd and 300hp turbo and i'll get one again.

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