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Flybrian's Random Car Showcase Presents...
The 1993 Cadillac Sixty-Special
Through boredom and...well, just boredom, I bring you the first in likely many little 'diaries' of a completely random car.

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Throughout Cadillac's history, the Sixty-Special moniker was used to denote trims of the Series 60 Cadillac that were in some ways - well - special. The very first model to bear the name was the 1938 Sixty-Special, featuring a longer wheelbase, lower ride height, and no runningboards. Over the years, Sixty-Specials typically had slightly extended wheelbases, more chrome decoration, a top-tier Cadillac model, or simply the highest trim level of the Fleetwood.

Posted Image

In 1987, the Sixty-Special nameplate returned, this time gracing a six-inch stretch of the front-wheel drive C-body Fleetwood sedan. In 1993, Cadillac revised their lineup, bestowing the Fleetwood name of the rear-wheel drive Brougham successor and renaming the former front-wheel drive Fleetwood the Sixty-Special.

For these last four years, fender skirts fit flush over the rear wheels and the 4900 V8 was supplemented by speed-sensitive steering, revised suspension, and traction control. Inside, French-stiched leather was optional on the standard Sixty-Special, as well as second-row drop-down lighted vanity mirrors and a built-in parcel shelf tissue box. But a truly special option made available only in the final year (1993) was the ULTRA package. Selecting the ULTRA package would set you back $3550, but traded standard 6-way power leather seats for luxurious, heated 22-way adjustable Italian leather seats. Other '93-only options included a heated windshield.

Posted Image

Only 5,292 were manufactured for its last year as a standalone model in 1993 and only 688 were equipped with the ULTRA package, making this quite a rare car indeed.
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Yes, trully unique and cool cars when optioned heavily, and in immaculate shape, for sure. The dark cherry colored one in the second picture belonging to a fellow Cadillac and general auto industry aficionado I know quite well. His is one of the BEST examples around of this car EVER, sitting in storage and hardly touched, only enough to keep it running and looking like new--I believe it still has right around 10k miles on it. I LOVE his perfect white leather interior, a lot.

Here's a GREAT thread he started, as well, to detail all the information about them:


And more pictures of his car:


I've never been a big fan of the somewhat common and FWD Devilles of this era, but this package and certain options really took it to a special level.

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My friend Mike, who worked for a Limousine manufacturer in the 1980s has told me

a few interesting stories about his Lincoln and Cadillac experiences... if even 25%

of what he told me is true then I think it is safe to say that the "C-body" Cadillacs

were the absolute worst of any era of Cadillacs ever.

Some people like to say the BustleBack was the worst Cadillac ever and there's no

doubt that the C!marron was a $hitpile in a lot of ways but in the end they at least

did not tarnish one of Cadillac's most perstegious names.

This are some "special" Cadillacs...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I guess to me a 22-way power seat and italian leather do not make up

for embarassing mediocrity in terms of mechanicals, styling & quality!

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