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Do you make waves....


Do you make waves/complain when you get bad service or product?  

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  1. 1. Do you make waves/complain when you get bad service or product?

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    • Most of the time
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    • Almost never
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I am in one of those deals right now. Bad service couldn't be taken care of locally, so rather than 'eff with it with a regional manager, I am taking it up with a name I found on the corporate web site for the NY-based headquarters.

My friends love my "poison pen" letters, as they call them. They are very diplomatic and professionally written, but they have an "edge." Therefore, they come to me when they want help writing one.

I have written about 7 or 8 of them in my life, and in about 3/4 of the cases, the "big bosses" rectify the situation in my favor. I'm not a TOTAL jerk. I have also written about 4 letters to companies praising them for excellent service or an excellent product.

If you don't stand up for yourself, nobody else will.

So, are you one who takes issue with bad service? All the way to the top?

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If I paid for a service or product then it damn well better be worth my money and not a sub-apr product. Case-in-point: McDonald's...when you get old food they pre-made like a half hour ago..my girlfriend usually deals with it...I don't...I go right up to the counter and tell them I wants something made withing the last 20 minutes...this tastes horrible.

There was this one time my girlfriend and I ordered double cheeseburgers..you know..with 2 pieces of cheese? All 4 of them had only one piece each..so I went up and told them that there was only 1 slice...this punk at the assembly table tried to tell me "that's how they're made now". That evening I wrote McDonald's headquarters about this incident, in a professional but very assertive manner. Since then all of my double cheeseburgers have had 2 slices :P

Same when my power supply broke...I immediately RMAed...I paid for it..I'm not just gonna say "oh well, I'll buy another one" to a product I paid more than a hundred dollars for.

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Unless the client wants revenge, a well-written letter, email or a phone is generally a good thing for the company involved. The worst thing that can happen to them is that customers vote with their feet! But I am glad that you also compliment where deserved as well - that happens far too little these days.

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Sometimes I do, it just depends on the situation. If I am sure I am correct, and the product is defective and I have legal proof (documentation) then I will make a big stink about it if, and only if they dont return the product or fix it to my satisfaction.

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Working in a position that puts me in direct contact with dissatisfied customers, I welcome complaints from the clients; unfortunately, some people are even more dissatisfied that I'm not shaking in fear as they piss and moan about something seemingly insignificant. I simply tell them that I'm sorry for their experience, and that I'm prepared to rectify the situation by replacing the product or returning their money. STILL, this isn't good enough for them. It's like I might as well have killed their first born and they will NEVER forgive me for even anything less.

There's a simple, yet completely relevant cliche that applies, "You can't please everyone."

I have plenty of examples, but it's just easier to say that some people are easily angered by the slightest inconvenience. These people don't want anything other than just to have their anger heard, and practically walk away before receiving any reply.

Again, I welcome complaints so I can make appropriate changes. Sometimes people just won't take responsibility for their own actions and insist someone else is to blame for their inconvenience.

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