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WE WANT THE Buick Park Avenue!


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Anyone who wants the new Buick Park Avenue that the people in China are getting post here... And be heard we need GM to realize it can't starve North America of cars that people want to buy and will pay for! Please share your thoughts and join together to try and make difference so this fine car will see the light of day in North America!

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Buick dealers are remembering how hard it was to sell the last PA with a cheaper, if smaller and nowhere near as nice, LeSabre in the lineup. Rather than the PA cannibalizing sales of the Lucerne, I expect they are more worried the PA will be too hard a sell when customers have the much cheaper Lucerne which is practically the same size. Aside from a better LaCrosse, I would think Buick dealers would much rather have a Vectra-size sedan as an entry model, rather than a second, more expensive large car.

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Griffon and VenSeattle are both right. Several issues at play:

UAW. They would be offended if this car was not built here.

The Buick Dealers. They are having a hard time already and they need more than Enclave.

The Saturn Aura, G6, Malibu. They are Vectra sized cars and stable mates. GM figures Buick has LaCrosse.

Too many GM divisions are fighting for pieces of the pie.

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Stupidity all around. :angry:

GM should be ashamed of themselves... 11 years we've waited for

a replacement for the B-bodys and now after all the waiting & the

back-n-forth B.S. and anti-RWD stupidity we finally had a 100%

solid and competetive product lineup and and now THIS?

F#@&ing BULL$H1T!

Communist China gets better GM vehicles than we do? <_<

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I understand your points. Even if they could move 5,000 of them that is more cars than they would sell otherwise. Screw the dealers, if GM says bring it the dealers can't stop it from coming. Sixty is right people have waited to long to replace there Roadmasters and Caprices!

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From another website... This is why you will not get the Park Avenue:

The main reason the Park Avenue is not coming to the U.S is due to content and features. As it was, the folks at PATAC (the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center that GM runs with SAIC; they've worked in cooperation with GMDAT for products in the Chinese market) redesigned portions of the Commodore/Statesman's interior with added glitz and style to make a real high-luxury/chauffeur-style vehicle. With so much extra equipment and features (like massaging seats) and feature-devices a Park Avenue with the 3.6L would come close to $50,250-$64,468 to sell in the US --- effectively running the big Buick into Caddy's territory and making a difficult marketing problem to convince customers to buy a Buick priced so high (think VW pushing Phaetons on US customers at huge prices; not gonna fly)( no pun intended Flybrian). Plus add in the expenses of U.S compliance, tier 2 bin 5 emissions (the Park Avenue is only Euro3), and shipping across the Pacific --- and it gets considerably more expensive and unlikely to happen.

The only way you could get it under $45,000 is if you de-content/stripped down so much to where it becomes lame...which would probably be met with howls of protest from folks like us. Also even if the Enclave does well in the mid to high $30's and GM goes on to price the Next Lucerne at starting around $36,000, it will not go over $45,000 as to not encroach on Caddy and also to keep Buick as “affordable” luxury. For this reason, in the U.S. market, the next Lucerne will NOT have some of the features that the current Chinese-market Park Avenue has like massaging seats, rear seats with tables, controls in the arm rest, etc.

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At up to $64000 this car would barely crawl off dealer lots in NA I fear. And with such bland styling and a gas swilling V8 and traction limiting RWD only, it would go virtually unnoticed. At least our NA Buicks have a little chrome, port holes, door trim, reasonable price tags, better mileage and traction enhancing FWD thus giving them more appeal to everyday folks. It's just that Buick needs to make what it has more competitive in terms of std equipment, engine/trannys with more than 197 HP and 4 speeds etc. I feel this car would be better off as a Cadillac but with more eye appealing style of course. Just leave that gorgeous interior intact.

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