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  1. All Over the Map: Buick Rainier SUV named by noted GM designer - Article at MyNorthWest.com
  2. Actually, FCA is headquartered in the UK, not Italy. https://www.autonews.com/article/20140801/COPY01/308019978/fiat-says-ciao-to-italy-headquarters-as-chrysler-merger-is-approved
  3. Yeah... But remember GM did this while changing Oldsmobile's styling to something unrecognizable to the brand, and at the same time GM replaced the Oldsmobile emblem to a completely different emblem/badge (a monochromatic and overly simplified side profile of a (not a) Rocket launching.) the combination of all three at the same time lead potential customers and existing Oldsmobile drivers wondering who made the vehicle and unable to determine which dealership to visit for more information. I would be concerned if Buick was also completely changing their badge but the article clearly indicates GM and Buick recognize the value and brand equity in the tri-shield. This is amplified by the fact Buick is in the process of phasing their tri-colored tri-shield badge back into their lineup as they renew their lifecycle.
  4. dfelt, immediately came to mind about Prius mudslide: 1) Is this Toyota's solution so we can hear Prius' approach in electric mode? 2) I didn't see that hybrid propulsion option when I bought my Prius!?!?! 3) I wonder if it actually has better road feel and feedback in a mudslide? 4) building on #2 - Prius now with degenerative hill propulsion and Regenerate braking.... 5) "Let's Go Places" Can we narrow this down a bit, and maybe set some limits? 6) Damn resale value on that Prius will still be higher than on a 1 yr old Nissan Leaf... 7) I still think express Lane privilege is unfair to hybrid drivers... Etc etc etc etc
  5. I'm pretty fond of this Buick commercial myself... especially when people try to say Buicks have only recently become reliable.
  6. Thank you! I'm regaining my sea legs. Plenty of new features and forum categories. I intend to stick around. I'm tired of my sabbatical. :-)
  7. I never saw the 200 as anything special. It's not an appropriate sibling to the 300. They look like they're built by two completely different manufacturers. One is a generic jelly bean and the other is a brick. And for the price, you can get a well equipped 300 for the price of a well equipped 200. The lower trim levels of the 200 have this dull charcoal colored interior and matte finished plastic where the wood would be surrounding the instrument pod on the upper trim levels. It just looked low rent. I saw several 200s at AVIS, Hertz, and Enterprise. I can believe the dealers' argument that FCA were inflating sales numbers. For comparison, the current Regal is nicer than the 200 and it's about to be replaced.
  8. Nope, the Impala was 3400 and 3900 by then. The last year of the 3800 was the 2008 Lucerne... that was the last North American vehicle to carry it. Impala dropped the 3800 after 2005. Nope, the Impala was 3400 and 3900 by then. The last year of the 3800 was the 2008 Lucerne... that was the last North American vehicle to carry it. Impala dropped the 3800 after 2005. That's the first thing I thought of. The 3800 has been out of production for years. It was also never offered in China AFAIK.
  9. Never allow this person to present another product to the public, again. I think the "exclusive leather" comment was the pattern of the perforation of the leather. The comment he made about haven't been in the back seat yet threw my patience with his stammering over its limit. Overall, it's a very nice vehicle. Small market though. I like the folding rear seats, interior color choice, the quality of the execution and follow through. The buttons don't bother me much.
  10. VenSeattle

    1990 Buick Riviera

    I am allowed to drive now that my epilepsy is under control through a prescription. I haven't returned to the working world yet. I've been volunteering with the American Cancer Society for the past 11 months. I think I'm ready to take on more responsibilities once again. We bought a 2nd car so I can return to work or take on more responsibilities in my volunteer role. The car we bought was a 1990 Buick Riviera. I've always loved this generation of the Riviera. If I'm going to drive a used vehicle, I better love the Damn thing to be able to live with it on a daily basis. My husband definitely catered to my preferences and we eventually got the car I wanted. I tracked her for several months as she was traded between multiple local dealerships. Every car I looked at otherwise just didn't seem to compare. She felt like the right choice. She is a one owner vehicle with just 86,000 miles on her. Body and interior are in excellent shape. She has been babied all of her life. I hope to continue in that role. Enjoy the pictures that the dealership took of her. I haven't had any decent weather to take personal pictures.

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