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Drew Dowdell

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I heard they were interested in Land Rover too. It would be interesting to see the synergies they could come up with for LR and Jeep. But, then again, they could ruin them by sharing too much.

Jaguar would be a good addition too given Chrysler doesn't currently have anything that competes in Jaguar's markets, but they may run into the same trouble as DCX did and not be able to find any meaningful tieups. I can't see Jaguars sharing a lot of platforms or components with Chryslers or Dodges.

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I see some potential tie-ins.

1. Dodge Viper and XK share a similar platform.

2. X-Type, Avenger, and Sebring share a similar platform.

3. S-Type, Charger, 300C share a similar platform.

4. XJ, Imperial share a similar platform.

These could very well all ruin Jaguar. I'm just saying it's possible to syngergize the two companies.

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I think it would be best to not involve Chrysler in any more foreign automakers. Especially one like Jaguar.

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Cerberus Capital Management could be coming around for another bite of the automotive apple, creating the potential for the organization of a new auto company, which would include more than just Chrysler.
Just as 'The Street' wanted, revenue from the busting up of an automaker.
The Financial Times reported Cerberus is emerging as a potential bidder for Jaguar and Land Rover. Nobody from Cerberus is saying anything. Ford, however, has confirmed putting Jaguar and Land Rover up for sale. Another potential bidder for Jaguar and Land Rover identified by the Times was a private equity fund headed by former Ford CEO Jac Nasser.

VERY INTERESTING, since he was the one who had a fetish for Euro brands in the first place. Ford acquired Volvo, LR and Aston under his leadership if I'm not mistaken. The company also was very healthy under his leadership, until the bombs started going off, and the media started attacking.

Nasser also was mentioned last year as a potential bidder for Aston Martin when Ford put it on the auction block. However, James Bond's favorite automaker was ultimately sold for $925 million to a consortium comprised of David Richards, John Sinders, Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co.

So, does that make Aston american owned still?

Nevertheless, the prospects of a bidding war for the Jaguar and Land Rover nameplates must bring some satisfaction to the Ford family, which had hung on to the two properties despite intense pressure to sell. The guessing now among analysts is that Jaguar and Land Rover together might fetch between $5 billion and $6 billion in the ongoing auction, or about five times their estimated value only six months ago.

Which shows 1) how STUPID the analysts are and 2) that what 'the street' says is usually half truth, half bull$h!. I don't even think Ford should sell the brands now.

Private equity funds have created a new market for automotive assets.
Which explains why both 'the street' and the media have been less negative about our auto companies as of late. Because they can make $$$ on them by keeping them around.
The theory behind the interest is the emergence of new vehicle industries in China, India, and even Russia is enhancing the value of older American and European automakers, which while they have weak balance sheets, also have well-established dealer networks and marketing organizations.

Whatever... If this were actually the case IMO, their values would've increased back when these markets BEGAN maturing 5-6 years ago (Which is when GM announced most of it's initial Russian and Indian partnerships.

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One common assumption is that companies such as Cerberus will eventually re-sell the company to an emerging automaker. Chinese and Indian automakers, with their aggressive cultures, are unlikely to follow the path of Toyota, the Japanese auto giant, which emphasized slow, patient organic growth over more than half a century before emerging as the world's largest automaker.
REFER TO MY ABOVE PARAGRAPHS.... They'll keep our companies around (as opposed to running them into the ground with negative publicity) because they can make $$$ on them by whoring them out to China and India. Just like all of our other businesses, industries and our souls, americans will sell anything to make a buck. It this mindset that has allowed us to slip from being the world superpower and it'll only get worse IMO.
Ford, on the other, hand is still struggling to fix its ailing North American automotive business. Ford's overseas operations are basically healthy but the company still needs to make substantial repairs to its North American business, one senior Ford executive said privately last week.

I just hope Ford doesn't downsize too much. If the sell of PAG goes through, that leaves a controlling stake in Mazda, a struggling Ford division, a virtually non-existent Mercury division and a starving Lincoln division. Or, IMO, pretty much what the anti-Detroit wants, a company standing, waiting for a death blow. (READ: UAW)

Cerberus, which is enormously guarded about its plans, would probably keep the strategy, design, and engineering of its British brands separate from its American automotive assets. However, Chrysler could provide Jaguar and Land Rover with the back-office functions and other services needed by an established carmaker.
Or they could combine LR & Jeep and then combine Dodge, Chrysler and Jaguar and have ALL areas of the market covered. Combine the LR & Jag dealers and VOILA!
The potential for bid from Cerberus could create a backlash in Great Britain where American-based private equity firms are viewed with suspicion, according to the Times.

And we care because?!?!? Last I heard, we bought al of GBs industry a long time ago. (Of course, the same will happen to us in 10-20 years, except it'll be Japan, Korea & China buying all of our sh*t)

Cerberus' bid for Chrysler also is being viewed as something of a watershed in the United States . The winning bid for Chrysler sharply raised Cerberus' public profile and brought new scrutiny to a company that has usually tried to avoid public scrutiny in the past.
I haven't heard any of this "scrutiny"
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee, for example, has begun to evaluate whether private equity groups should begin to pay a higher tax rate.

They invested in Detroit (the enemy) of course the government and media is going to turn on them. Won't be long 'til the public does too if history is any indication.

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And Chrysler has only two RWD platforms in place? Jaguar needs ALL RWD cars, and there is nothing that Cerberus can give them on that front.

If they can't give Chrysler another RWD platform, all I can say is HOLY DEVELOPMENT COSTS BATMAN!!!

I suggest something modular like Audi's new platform. That way, there can be a lot of cars on an easily extended or shortened wheelbase, and it could be shared with all brands.

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VERY INTERESTING, since he was the one who had a fetish for Euro brands in the first place. Ford acquired Volvo, LR and Aston under his leadership if I'm not mistaken. The company also was very healthy under his leadership, until the bombs started going off, and the media started attacking.

I'm going to have to disagree with F-O-G on this one. It wasn't that Ford was healthy... it was just that the money hadn't run out yet. A healthy Ford doesn't bring out the 1996 Taurus then only give it a mild makeover to try and correct things. A healthy Ford doesn't let Mercury and Lincoln wither on the vine. A healthy Ford doesn't bring us a production Thunderbird but leave the Continental in the "concept" stage. A healthy Ford doesn't bring out the Excursion only to cancel it 4 years later. A healthy Ford.... well.. you get the point.

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