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Question on Aura Wheel Option


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On Diamondlot.com, there is an Aura with G6 GTP wheels, and it looks as if its a Saturn emblem in the middle, can you get these wheels as an option on the Aura? If so thats awesome because it looks great. (I'd post the link but I don't know how)

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I'm going to my Saturn dealer tomorrow for regular maintenance on the AURA; I'll check the lot to see if they have any AURA's with the G6 GTP rim as pictured in Satty's post (2nd pic).

One theory is that it could be a leftover item, now that the GTP model is no longer going to be offered, that is being distributed down to the other divisions (much like when the Buick Century started showing up with the Intrigue's chrome rims). The first pic that Satty posted is the optional aluminum rim for the XE models, and they sure do look like the same ones my dad has on his 2006 G6 V6.

Pontiac offers this rim (RPO PFF) in 17" size, which is the size rim & tire that comes on the AURA XE models:

Posted Image

But I don't see it listed in teh AURA's online guide for 2007 OR 2008, nor the GTP's 18" rim.

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I saw an Aura with the G6 type wheels at a dealership in Atlanta. It was a new vehicles. I thought they had replaced the standward wheels with g6 wheels but the center cap had the Saturn logo.

It looked different... it was a XE model which made it look more agressive. I think they are fine as an upgrade option on the XE but not for the XR.

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The mystery has been solved... while waiting for my AURA to be serviced, I cruised the lot and low and behold there were a half dozen AURA XE's with the GTP 18" polished rim. Taking a look at the window sticker revealed that this rim is part of a factory "Special Edition" XE package, in which leather (black or morroco brown), leather-wrapped shift knob & steering wheel, heated seats, and the 18" rims are included at a discounted price. There was no print info (brochure) available; this must be a "spring" promotion, much like what Chevy has been doing with the HHR, Aveo, etc.

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Like my fellow Aura owner said, it is a special edition package that offers many of the benefits of the XR for the XE owners. Instead of developing new 18" wheels just for the XE, they used those from the G6. It doesn't really look right if you ask me, but they're probably easier to clean than mine.

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Oh, that makes alot of sense then, thanks for clearing that up haha. I kind of like it, would love to get a black on black with those wheels before that new metallic black comes (hate metallic blacks) but its not time for a car yet for me, soon.

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