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A question for the Canadians about driving lights


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It looks like I'll be moving to Canada in a few months. I don't yet know if I'll be moving to Newfoundland or Ontario ... that really depends on the job application that my wife has for a position in Ottawa.

One thing I need to ask about are regulations dealing with after market driving lights.

I have a couple of sets of Cibie Super Oscars that I've been using on my cars in Australia for the past 35 years. I'm wondering if I should sell them before I leave or pack them up and bring them with me.

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Newfoundland or Ontario? These are the choices? That is sort of like a banana split or dried prunes. Newfoundland is a beautiful place to visit (in July when the ice comes off for two weeks!), but live there? They are the only Province to have a NEGATIVE population growth. Judging by all the Newfie flags I see on the back of trucks around here - they are all living in Ontario! :lol:

To answer your question: what the hell are Cibie Super Oscars? :blink:

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Super Oscars are professional rally driving lights that were developed by the French lighting company Cibie. Look at any professional rally car in the last 3 decades, and you'll probably find Cibie lights and they'll usually be either Super Oscars or the smaller Oscars.

The Super Oscars are their biggest lamps (9" diameter x 6" deep case with a 7" diameter lens) and can be fitted with bulbs that range from 55 watts to 130 watts. Back when I used to do a lot of long distance driving, I ran a pair of the standard versions (over a mile reflective range) and a pair of the long range versions (around 2 miles range). When I was working on airports, I used to get clearance to use the runway at night to align my lights.

This is from 1974.

Posted Image

The four lights (shown above) are currently not mounted on any car and I have another pair of Super Oscars fitted behind the grill of daily driver.

Posted Image

As for Newfoundland. My wife currently works in Newfoundland, (moved there from Northern Manitoba last October) but the company that hired her isn't what she expected, so she's currently investigating another job opportunity in Ottawa. Most of the Newfies are further west than Ontario. Lots are in Alberta.

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I'm going to guess that Canada is at least as restrictive as the US on these lights. Which means that they can be mounted on your car, but must be covered when driving on public roadways. In other words, off-road use only.

Some driving/fog lights are legal for highway use, but those retina- burners won't be allowed.

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I may not be Canadian, but I live close enough that I think I should be allowed to answer.

I would at least contact the DMV or the Canadian equivalent to the DMV in either Ontario or Newfoundland before doing anything with your cars. I'm sure someone will be able to tell you something.

Newfoundland government website

Ontario Province government website (Now in exciting new English-o-vision!!!!!)

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