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Since GMTruckGuy74 started spilling spoilers because he wanted to talk about the movie, and since those of us who have seen it are probably dying to talk about it, I made this thread so we can discuss it without ruining the movie for everyone who hasn't seen it yet. At least, that's the idea :P

I'll start. Do you think we've seen the last of him? If history is any indication, I doubt it. Even with the water pressure 7 miles below sea level, I doubt it would be enough to crush him and the others..plus he has a general knack for coming back...Remember, in Beast Wars, that Megatron ended up in lava, only to return even stronger. Plus, he's Optimus' rival...it just wouldn't be the same!

As for a general sequel...I have not heard anything yet, but the movie's ending left the stage wide open for a follow-up. StarScream's escape into space is an indicator he'll form his own group and come back...I liked how in the movie you could sense the tension between him an Megatron, just like old times.

Scorpinock is till on the loose as well...as they didn't destroy him... he ended up escaping. He's an interesting character because they never mentioned his name in the movie, and that he never transformed...he's rather feral. Quite different from the Scorpinock in Beast Wars.

One thing that somewhat has me confused is why they killed off Jazz...simply because one of the good guys had to die? Even so, being ripped in half doesn't seem fatal for a robot...unless the spark was destroyed, he should have been repairable (he is still a machine, and common knowledge is that the Spark is usually located in the chest.

I also wonder why they called it the "All Spark" when it looks nothing like a Spark.

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megatron will be back

good guy had to die it the American thing to do, we win the battle but we lost a comrade.

there might have been more than just a ripping in half to cause the death, but we might never know...i would say just go with it...

kudos to megan fox. damn. enough said.

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Hell yeah he'll be back. You think other Decepticons didn't intercept that message Optimus was sending out at the end of the movie as well as other Autobots? If this movie does as well as it seems to be (theater was half-packed in the middle of the day when I saw it, and I've heard reports of sell-outs for it), they'll definitely green-light a sequel.

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Okay... I'll be honest... I don't understand why people are going nuts over this movie. I mean, seeing some cool GM cars in action might be enjoyable but the movie itself just doesnt interest me in any way. *shrugs* :P

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