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2008 Mazda 6 Exposed

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Frankfurt's IAA is just days away, and as the eventual deadline approaches, more and more info on new models are being leaked despite the best attempts of automakers to prevent it. This time 'round it's the new Mazda6, a mid-sized sedan set to go head-to-head with the new Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, among others. Let us be the first to say that compared to its aforementioned rivals, the new Mazda6 is miles ahead of the competition in terms of style and would even give some of the premium makes a run for their money.

Some of the new features we can expect for the car include luxury items such as xenon headlights, LED detailing, heated seats and an engine starter button. If Mazda can maintain a similar price tag as the current model, the new 6 will turn out to be a sure-fire winner in the hotly contested mid-sized sedan market.

The specifications are for European models, but the only major addition for U.S.-spec cars will be the option of a 3.5L V6 in addition to the base four-cylinder. The only official details we have so far is that the new car will weigh less than the outgoing model and will use less fuel and emit fewer CO2 emissions to boot. We'll bring you all the official details of the new Mazda6 when arrive in Frankfurt next week.



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I have mixed emotions...

The design is certainly anything but bland, but it is extremely busy. It looks pretty sleek and athletic, but there is just so much going on. I will have to see it in person to really judge the exterior. The profile looks sort of squished, as though the wheelbase needs to be about 3 inches longer. It has some Lexus in it, that's for sure.

The interior isn't anything too impressive, and really just looks like a MCE of the current one.

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Overall it is definitely an improvement over the current. What I don't like is the front fenders, they don't fit with the design at all, and looks like they took the front end of an RX-8 and attached it to the rear of the 6. In some angles it looks great while in others it looks really odd.

I would take the wagon.

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