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KBB gives a retail value of ~$4600 or a trade-in of about $1900.

It could be a good deal, it could not be. For a car like an Aurora, I'd definitely want to check it out in person, give it a through look-over, and a good road test before deciding.

Remember, 1995 was the first year of production for not only the Aurora, but the 4.0l V8 and the entire G-platform as well and while typical first-year problems were far less than other cars, its something to think about.

Things to look for are:
*Transmission smoothness
*Oil leaks on the drip-pan (A problem I had corrected before I took delivery)
*CD player condition - these Delco units can often have issues playing certain CDs, even purchased ones.
*Door seals - receeding rubber seals can lead to water leakage and excessive wind noise due to the frameless design of the windows.
*Fuel rail - there was a recall on a large number of Auroras. Mine was completed before I bought it.
*Power antenna - a busted aerial can be indicidive of how the car is treated in general.

Again, a car like this may only cost you a few grand, but once you get it and fall in love with it (which most people will), it can become a massive moneypit.
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Yes as Northstar pointed out its 10 years old. 95-96 & even 97 Auroras and Rivieras over 100,000 miles can be bought for 3000 or less. This car has a few good points RI for a northern state has relitively rustless cars. Its a 95 so it had the OBD1 system which Im not sure what that means compared to a 96&97 but one thing is here in NY state a 95 or older is exempt from being hooked up to the DMV computor to scan for engine codes in which to fail your inspection by. I believe some issues were ironed out by 96, 97 model years also which makes this first year model priced lower. With todays gasoline issues, this type of car will be harder to sell for its value. aluminum, complex engine is never a strong suit for used buyers in this price range, combined with the mileage issue, ect. theres cars are a hard sell. I imagine loans are nearly impossible to get. This type of car is my preference when Im shopping, its old, American, what many consider high milage, doesnt scare me and I can pay cash plus fix most issues myself. I must confess I am afraid of that aluminum A*, S * or N* engine. Water pump, big bucks, lots of work, starter motor, big bucks, lots of work. I sure do like 'em though, I even like 'em in green :)
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My 97 STS, as awsome as it is tends to be a money-pit. I bought that Caddy for $7900 in 2002 and have invested about another $2800 in maintenance... that's including the $650 air ride shock/coilover-strut package from Arnott. I've yet to install it. I hate transverse mounted engines. They suck royaly maintenance wise.
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I love 1st gen Auroras. :wub:



If thou insists... :)

Posted Image

Gary Sowerby, Event Organizer (left), co-ordinates the loading of Oldsmobile Auroras as they set off from Lansing to take part in the "Aurora Vacation Challenge" -- a two-week road adventure in Western Europe.

Two great machines.
Posted Image

Poetry in motion.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And the best Classic Aurora of them all. ;)
Posted Image
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