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So on Sunday I was on my way to the store when a bunch of ricers (like 5 or 6) were heading the opposite way toward downtown Lawrence. I thought it was odd but thought nothing of it. Later that day I was driving through the downtown area when I see in one of the huge mill parking lots that there was a car show. I have never seen Lawrence host one, and of course, this one and only car show is almost if not entirely ricers. 5-foot wings and cheesy paint jobs as far as the eye could see. It was disgusting...makes me hate this city even more.

However it was all worth it because of what I saw a few hours later.

We had a severe thunderstorm that caused flash flooding. Several streets had become lakes. I came across one and decided to cut through the parking off the street and take the side roads. On my way back a riced out, white Celica passed by me on an intersection. Thought nothing of it. As I came back to the lake on my way home, what do I see but that stupid car right in the middle of it with the hazards on! It was hilarious. I stopped the car and laughed for a good 2 minutes, before turning onto a side road.

The idiot had tried to cross the mini-lake only to forget that he wasn't driving a Jeep. I went down that street yesterday and saw it sitting in the parking lot...I laughed again. Guess he cracked the block or something.

AM I being mean? Maybe, but the retarded should have had the common sense not to try and fly through the flooded street.

Moral of the story: god hates ricers.


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We had some flooding around here a few months ago. I saw a Focus dangerously close to the edge of a bridge over a high river. A group of kids in a Wrangler tried going through some rushing water, only to discover it was a pretty bad idea.

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SpeedingPenguin's co-worker's Honda filled up with

water in a flash flood yesterday, so he drilled two

holes in the driver's footwell to let the water drain,

and funnier still, the ECM was toast due to the two

feet of water the car was sitting in, and he HAD a

spare in the trunk because he's so used to it getting

roasted, I guess it happens all the time... :wtf:

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