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Would someone from the '50s believe you?


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If... you could tell them:

The Japanese will take over in the '70s

That gas would be $3/gallon

That Chrysler would be bought by the Germans.

That cruise control, air conditioning and power windows would still be options on most 2005 models.

More, anyone?

excuse this post if it doesnt make sense.

Hmmm....I think power windows and A/C are probably standard on more models than they are not... (are there still any cars sold in the US with manual windows)?
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If I was from the 1950s and got to see how things were today, aside from the Internet I'd be pretty disappointed. No vacations to the moon, no flying cars, supersonic passenger transport was created and then abandoned, no engines that make 600 hp and run for 500 miles on a gallon of tap water, and we're still using the same standard for color TV. Cars still use the same exact basic controls (steering wheel, pedals, etc.). Power seats, power roofs, automatic headlights, etc. are still generally considered up-market options. There are a lot more similarities between cars of today and cars of the 50s, than those cars vs. 1920's models. I do think they'd be impressed by CD players, how far acceleration/handling/braking has come, and how much power we can get out of comparatively tiny engines these days. Otherwise, not a whole lot has changed.
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Hardtops are ancient history for he American Auto industry Tail fins peek in 1959, never to return again. 40mpg is a big deal... like the old Nash Metropolitan can't almost pull that off FWD is by far the predominant way ot manufacture vehicles. *shudders* Not only are Quad headlights fair game but HIDs are 100% legal while blue dots are grounds for a "improper equiptment" traffic fine from an uptight cop. Fuelie '57 Chevys are worth twice the cost of a top of the line Deville Cadillac cars compete more closely with Mercedes and BMW than with Lincoln Cadillac makes trucks, even a pickup. Oldsmobile is no more Plymouth is no more AMC is no more Packard is no more Not one turbine car to be found for any price Supposedly patriotic Americans buy Japanese, German & Korean cars like hotcakes.
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