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W-body engine / trans mounts

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This is on the old 92 Regal, nearing 250,000 miles. I think this issue has surfaced. You note it when the engine is torqued.

Questions: How many are there (3800 + 4 sp transaxle)? Are they hard for the mechanic to get to? How much is parts and labor for this operation? I heard, once you're in there, to do all of them at the same time.

Any experience and facts/figures? It would be appreciated.

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The problem is probably caused by the one that goes between the engine and the radiator support. It's the one that looks like a giant dog bone. That one is the most likely to go since it has to handle the most amount of stress from the engine compared to the others. Since it's on top it's actually not that hard to change if you can get your hands on a crane hoist for a while. You don't have the lift the engine out, but you do need to keep some tension on it so that it doesn't fall back against the firewall when you take the mount out.

I've never heard of any of the other mounts going. I don't remember the exact location of W body engine mounts, but there's obviously one or two connecting the block to the engine cradle and maybe an additional top one connecting the top half of the engine to the pasenger's side somehow. If you can get an engine hoist, just do them all yourself (the lower two will need you to lift the engine a bit). If you need to pay a mechanic, I'd just fix the dog bone and go from there, because doing all of them is probably a four-figure job for parts and labor.

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I've changed an engine mount before on the Shadow, it's actually the same one that z28luver01 is refering to. It's really not that hard to do. If you don't have an engine hoist you can also use a jack, so the engine has something to rest on.

Autozone is your friend for prices: http://www.autozone.com/N,15300154/shoppin...peResultSet.htm

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