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Muscle cars destroyed in the name of art

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Bet you this was funded by a government grant that we all pay for through our taxes. Stupid. What a waste of iron, even it they were the rather anemic versions of the Firebird. Could have been built into something nice. Bet he drives a Prius or some other 'earth friendly' car.

Kind of like the movie showing the crushing of a NEW 911 Porsche Turbo. People in the 'art' world are sick and deranged individuals. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/875800/porsche_911_crushed/

Looking at all of this from a 'realistic' point of view, I have to say that these 'projects of protest' are far worse for the Earth than the cars would have ever been in thier lifetimes. Factor in the energy consumed in the building of the systems used to destroy the Firebirds, the materials used to build the structure, the hauling of the parts/structure/mechanisms to the build site AND the gallery, the welders required, all the transportation of all people/materials and the two cars...plus the energy used to build the cars in the first place - energy that is all wasted in this act of stupidity! And when it is done being an 'in' object inside the gallery, all of it has to be hauled away again. This is why I cannot understand these people and the thought process they use.

Further, factor in that these were both classics (which are not used as daily drivers much any more) and the total CARBON FOOTPRINT of this project is immense compared to what the cars would have done in their remaining time on the road.

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This doesn't seem safe, having the two cars smashed against each other and lifted in the air, especially if hydraulics are slowly pushing them together more. Sharp pieces of metal could become exposed, or a kid could crawl underneath them. I take it the hydraulics are only activated when the exhibit is closed, and then a full inspection is done before the exhibit reopens each day? That seems like the only safe way to do it.

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