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VIDEO: Viper ACR and Corvette ZR1 battle on the 'Ring


A couple months back, the bone-stock Corvette ZR1 put supercars everywhere on notice when it took on the famed Nurburgring and ran a Nissan GT-R-beating 7:26. The track-ready, fire breathing Viper ACR bested the Corvette's amazing effort by posting an incredible 7:22 lap time. Despite a four second difference in total track time, blogger Andi Baritchi slapped both track videos together (after 30 seconds of annoying scrolling text) to verify that the Viper ACR came out on top. Hit the jump to view the two fastest American-made, street legal, 600+ hp beasts as they tangle in a 'Ring battle for the ages. The video proves what we already knew, but it's still fun to see how two very different, yet very similar vehicles, handle the twists and turns of the Nurburgring. Check out the vid after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Jordan!

Source: Autoblog

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Now if we can just keep both of them around and in production we'll be in good shape.


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The driver in the ZR1 was not pushing it. Top speed in the film showed 175 in the straight. It can go faster than that.

Maybe not, the straight is about 2 km long and part is up hill and there is a turn at the end. the ZR-1's top speed is around 204, it is possible that 175 is all it can do on the ring. The GT-R got to about 170 mph there.

What is crazy is the 1983 Porsche 956 race car did the lap a full minute faster than the ZR-1.

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