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OJ found guilty in Las Vegas mess

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Is this dude a piece of $hit or what? He couldn't keep his nose clean.

He was just found guilty of theft and kidnapping in Las Vegas. In a way, I think he had a "survivor's guilt" issue. He obviously knew he did it because he became so self-destructive afterward. I heard he was not treated well in public and probably had to constantly look over his shoulder.

If he was truly innocent, he could have had a clear conscience, could have lived a life of luxury and could have been surrounded by blonde poon. I guess he'll have to take what's available in adjacent jail cells, or Rosey Palms, now.

Justice is served. May the sentencing be just as harsh.

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You know, I don't think it's possible for me to care any less about something than I do this.

True, but I'm glad that Tropicana Boy is getting what was coming to him.

After all, his previous trial was a great illustration of the Metallica song "...& Jutice for ALL"

"Justice is raped... halls of Justice painted green" was right. <_<

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You know, I don't think it's possible for me to care any less about something than I do this.

Well, I can see where it brings on the "I don't give a $hit" factor because it has to do with E.T. (entertainment trash), but it was one of the biggest failures and tragedies in the legal system within the last couple of decades: OJ walks away and Scott Peterson (though obviously guilty, but a fertilizer salesman in California's sleepy Central Valley) gets nailed AND given the death penalty. BOTH of these dudes, in my mind, had a similar amount of "dirt under their nails" to have had the book thrown at them in their respective murder trials.

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OJ is a scumbag pond slime, evil, cretin. Worse yet, there were women who chose to go out with or marry him and have sex with him. CHOSE it.

They have to be mentally ill. You would have to read their pyschologist's transcript.

I'll never forget the front page of the paper the day he got acquitted in the 90s. OJ's walking by, escorted by his attorney/security, and the photo catches a few bystanders.

One blonde, white, FAT matronly lady with Jackie-O sunglasses (and most likely, calves like Sequoias) was beaming and had her fist up in victory. I was thinking - even if he was poor, he'd never be parked between her massive thighs. She seemed desperate.

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I've been going over the Jurors and the questionnaires they filled out... With a jury like that you wonder if his own lawyers set him up.

-One was a Clinical Psychologist

-Five believed he was guilty of the 1994 Killing (Which he was btw), 1 Didn't follow the trial, one thought him innocent and the rest had no opinion.

-One had a brother who was murdered

-One listed his opinion of Criminal Defense Lawyers as Neutral, but his opinion of Criminal Prosecutors "Very Positive"

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