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07 Denali XL Engine replaced? (Dealer) Assistance please?

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Just picked up a preowned 07 Denali XL on the weekend. Arizona vehicle, brought up by a broker into Canada.

Speedo just over 46500 km (28000k miles). Did all the checks, Carfax was clean (undetailed) as well as some other reports up here in Canada. Talked to GM Canada, warranty will obviosuly be honored until 60k km's or Decemeber 2010 etc etc. So I saw it, drove it, went ahead with it. Vehicle in great shape, headsets and remote not even used. Little to no rock chips or anything.

Had a battery drain issue right away, but that may or may not have been my issue from leaving something on, although it just happened with the vehicle sitting and the wife and I playing with the accessories within 30 mins of it being in the driveway.

Next thing I know, the battery's dead and needs a boost. Hasn't been an issue since (haven't played around with accesories unless vehicle is running) in the last 2 days. Really, 10 mins of playing around with nav and dvd really shouldn't drain a(n orginal GM) battery, but nevertheless. After a google search I did notice that this drain was an issue...reprogramming of the BCM seemed to help this.Again though, its not draining it now I don't think.

Going to take into the dealer this week for an oil change, check things like differential and transmission fluids, and do an electrical test/ BCM update and hopefully its ok. Also will inquire about getting a block heater on it, and, to do the heated washer fluid recall.

But at this late hour, something struck me...earlier today I noticed the engine hour meter only had 69 hours on it.

Obviously given the miles, there's no way that math works out. I should've checked that before buying, but forgot that was on those trucks (used to have an Avalanche 2 years ago).

So what gives? Can that engine hour meter be reset? Can't imagine so. So was the engine replaced at some point? Or am I missing something at this late hour?

I got little paperwork from the seller, just the inspection reports needed to be passed to bring it into Canada, the title and all the importation documents. He actually had a GM VIS report, but it was only the summary page and it shows nothing.

Having dealt with GM dealers in the US in my search the last 2 months for an SUV like this, I have gotten many VIS reports emailed to me on cars I was potentially looking at, and particularly useful was the claim history.

So I am hoping that someone here with access to VIS can assist me with that...I'd like to see the entire VIS report on this truck, or at least the claim history on this truck, and see what was done.

Again, its mine and there's nothing I can do now anyways and everything with it is fine it appears. Obviously it didn't need an engine because of an accident or anything, as checks have shown nothing like that, and talking to GM directly, they didn't wave any red flags when talking to them about this vehicle (I gave them the VIN), so everything was and is covered under warranty. But for my own peice of mind, I would like to know as much history on this vehicle as I can and if its got a new engine or what.

I'd also like to know what other warranty claims have been made.

Anyways, if someone can help me out with a VIS claim history, please PM me and I can provide you the VIN.

I realize I can probably get this with some sweet talking a local dealer, but given their relucatance to do much of anything in my experience, I'd prefer to try this route first.

Thanks very much, and hope to see a PM from someone who can help me, soon.


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yeah, they've got engine hour meters on them, if I remember right you can reset that just like you'd reset an oil life monitor. Or it'll be similar to the hour meters on some of the DCX stuff that I see at my dealership (I work for a DCX dealership) and you can reset it just like you can reset an oil life meter, or the battery was disconnected in the last 69-ish hours.

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