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Electric Supercharger Offers Diesel Efficiency for Gas Engines

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[source: MotorAuthority]

Electric Supercharger Offers Diesel Efficiency for Gas Engines

Less Carbon Emissions Compared to Similar Gas and Diesel Engines


Existing hybrid technology uses electrical energy stored in a battery to power an electric motor connected to an internal combustion engine, but there are other ways of harnessing electrical energy to help save fuel. Engineers in the UK have developed a new system where electrical energy can be used to drive a supercharger and boost performance.

Conventional superchargers are powered by a belt connected to an engine. As more power is dialed up, the supercharger draws more and more power away from the engine and in turn burns more fuel.

Last year, British firm Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) revealed an electric supercharging system developed for small fuel-efficient engines that does away with the belt system. Dubbed the Variable Torque Enhancement System (VTES), the system is ready for mass production and can be applied to all types of petrol and diesel engines including those already turbocharged.

CPT has now teamed up with German powertrain developer AVL List GmbH (AVL) and together the companies have unveiled a petrol engine with the same CO2 emissions as a similarly powered diesel. The particular engine was a 2.0L four-cylinder petrol unit with direct-injection technology and 197hp (147kW) and 295lb-ft (400Nm) of torque available. When fitted in a Volkswagen Passat, the electrically-supercharged engine produces CO2 emissions of 159g/km. The regular 167hp (125kW) 2.0L TDI diesel version on the other hand emits 165g/km, while the 197hp (147kW) 2.0L TFSI petrol model emits 194g/km.

CPT has also signed a deal with Switched Reluctance Drives Limited to start developing OEM units for sale later this year but so far no carmakers have announced plans to use the electric supercharger.

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Interesting concept, I would strongly suggest and hope they will go aftermarket and when the OEM see's the benefits to their cars and trucks done by the owners, then they will realize the benefit of using the system.

Be interesting to watch.

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Well, at least its not one of those eBay "electric superchargers" that is really just an 80mm computer case fan.

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