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2010 Ford Fusion SEL

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So while visiting my wife's family in Middle of Nowhere, Virginia, I went to the local Ford dealer to look at the Fusions that they had. We saw several Fusion SEL models (all 4cyl), a couple of SEs, and a Sport. The salesman came out to talk to us ("us" being me, my wife, and her cousin and cousin's husband). We made the usual salesman-customer talk, and then he asked if I wanted to take one of the cars out for a little bit. Now you know I couldn't pass that up... :P We chose one of the SELs, black on black.

Remember a few months ago that I test-drove the '09 Mazda6 i and came away impressed with the dynamics. Now was my chance to compare the first cousins...

The interior looked very well put together, as I knew it would. My wife and I had sat in a Fusion Sport a few months ago, and she really liked the new design compared to the old brick, and both of us were sold on SYNC. I did take the time to explain to her that, in addition to controlling the radio, SYNC pairs with Bluetooth-enabled phones. The one thing that I think could be better with the center stack is that many of the buttons seem to be too low and end up being blocked by the gearshift lever.

The seats are very comfortable, as remarked by all of my driving companions. I didn't adjust the seating position at all, even though I should have... but I guess I was too eager to get to driving. Speaking of that...

The first thing I decided to do was to get back on the highway to test the get-up-and-go abilities of the 2.5L-6AT combination. I made a left onto the highway, crawled along for a few feet at about 5-10 MPH, then floored it. Most automatic cars hesitate briefly when you floor it after traveling slowly so that they can get into the right gear. This one is no different, but once it went into gear, the car definitely responded much like the Mazda6. When I got to my desired speed of about 65 MPH, I looked at the tach and saw the needle right around 1750. So the autobox is definitely suited for highway cruising, which my wife does very often on her commute to work.

Around town the Fusion was very well-behaved, as most newer family sedans are. No complaints at all about braking or accelerating from lights. One thing I was especially pleased to observe is Ford's new electric power steering system. Seriously, I had forgotten that they had electric power steering on the car, that's how well-balanced it was.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the car. My wife says that she'll actually test drive one herself once we get ready to replace her Maxima. I know that the Fusion is due for a redesign in a few years, so it may be possible to get one CPO at a good price at that time. If not, we'll just have to drive the new one. :) If it has to wait that long, I'll hope that Ford redesigns the center stack to move the HVAC buttons from being so low... and adds SelectShift to all the automatic models and not just the Sport.

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Fusion would be such a big jump over the Maxima, IMHO.

MUCH nicer car.

Glad you liked it!


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a few months back i test drove a 2010 fusion S (i think) manual. i was extrememly impressed and i used to hate the fusion.

i prefer the fusion to the accord and over the malibu as well.

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