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Suddenly, I'm craving tea

Camino LS6

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The Healey has a very different drive to it. I found the gearing of the trans to be a bit odd, and the ride is rough with a capital "R", but it has a huge fun-factor going for it.

If I spent a week with it, I think I'd both like it more and be glad to be back in my Tahoe. It would be a fun car to find the limits of although living with one daily would get old.

Neat little piece of history.

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The car is all 50s in design and tech even though it is a '67. But I do get why people fall in love with them. The thing just reeks of cool.

Tiny seats, tiny doors, giant steering wheel - none of that matters very much when driving it.

In nice weather, with the top down, it would be a real hoot to cruise around some windy roads.

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I'd bet it is. I think classic British sports cars aren't so much about the sport of racing, as simply the sport of driving. Having the closest possible connection to your car, the road, and your surroundings. Not necessarily driving fast, but driving on the limit.

Yeah, kind of a sports car in it's purest form. The Miata is the closest to that formula today. It's been about 30 years, but I still fondly remember as a kid riding around the desert w/ ex-brother-in-law #1 in his TR-6 and TR-8, when they were running.

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