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Some new news on the Camaro


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I was able to hear from Al Oppenheiser yesterday and here are some of the things non majore he related.

The new Camaro convertible is in winter testing. Yes even with the roof down. He noted they are adding some more structure to the car and it will be nearly coupe like. He said no one should be disapointed in the chassie stiffness.

He noted they are building Camaro's as fact as they can but have run into tire supply issues. It seems the Tires come from Brazil and are flown to Canada to arrive in time. They are conflicted with air transposts of Brazil exported fruit. GM is working with the Brazilian goverment to make sure to keep the tires coming.

Sales for the Mustang rallies to beat the Camaro for the year last year even with only 66,000 units of the Mustang sold. Al said that they found with a little digging that the Polk numbers for December sales that Ford dumped a lot of Mustangs in fleet sales to help their numbers beat the half year sales of the Camaro.

Al stated they were on track to take the lead again with normal sales of the Camaro. He did not comment on new 2011 model Mustangs sales.

Not any big news but at least some news in the dead of winter.

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Nah, probably a svelte 4200lbs for the V6 and 4500lbs for the V8.. :)

You could let it go and let the doors wedge in if you don't park on level ground. I drove a Mustang like that once.

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