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GM hybrid investments

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The Volt is due soon and will be the top dog in GM's hybrid arsenal.

Prior BAS hybrids didn't make positive market vibes, although BAS potential is good if they do it right.

Vue two mode was dead. will it come back?

The pickup hybrids haven't sold as well as they wanted.

No Converj. Big deal?

Which of GM's models would be best suited for hybrids from marketability standpoint?

Even the Prius needs cheap leases to move the metal now with Toyota. Other Toyota hybrids and the Insight and such have not been taking the market by storm.

GM hybrids, what's next?

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One GM vehicle line that would benefit greatly from hybrid is the lambdas. The Vue system could almost be a direct lift, and the development has been paid, a lot of it. The transaction prices of the lambdas are high enough to support the complex hybrids, and the large SUV would benefit users greatly with real big time mpg improvements. For example, imagine the impact of a GMC Acadia that routinely got 25+ mpg in town.

I think a Cruze 1.4 turbo BAS+ system could pay off. Such a system has been rumored, and in addition to Cruze eco option could push combined mpg close to 40. That would be nuts and would be a lot less pricey than a full complex hybrid.

i think the Malibu and Equinox should have in the pipeline a twomode four popper version. one that could match the Fusion in drivability and mpg.

Converj would be nice, but not if it compromises the product. XTS dual mode sounds possible as well.

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i would prefer the weight loss way to get high mileage, but the one that needs the hybrid is the lambda's and they should make V-8 plus horse power

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I'd say the Lambdas could use the 2-mode. Hopefully the next gen BAS system can make some real gains, and I'd start offering that on just about everything. A full hybrid malibu might be of interest, depending on the cost premium.

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