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Camino LS6

The Wawa report for 2/9/06

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Well, the domestic distribution was fairly even with a slim majority going to Ford.

equal split between the two German and two Japanese:

1 Subaru, 1 Honda, 1M-B, 1 VW (I think,can't remember for sure)

A C-6 vert pulled out just before the count and 2 GMs pulled in just after

Surprisingly, no moron moves witnessed. Although I had to follow a geezer in a Buick as he blocked the fast lane by staying next to a car in the right on my way back.

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Random Tangent:

In less than 20 minutes and less than 2 miles apart I got cut off by two seperate %@#*&$ in 92-95 Honda Civics. The first one was a MoFo in a purple coupe with cut? springs that was bouncing all over the ground and the second was a red sedan full of high school bimbos that cut me off and then flippped me off. I was driving Ross' Coupe Deville.

If I had had my Fleetwood Brougham so help me god I would have experienced "brake failure" and punched a hole rihgt in her rear quarter panel hoipefully severing her trunk off the car completely.

What a B!tch. I wanted to wipe that "Ice Queen Smirk" off her face the little C*m Dumpster.

Most (not all) Honda drivers really are evil and dispicable, although to be 100% fair earlier this year I got cut off pretty bad by a new Silverado, at least he gave the "Ooops" wave instead of the flipping the bird.

Next $h!ty BOF land yacht I have that I'm not emotionaly attached to I'll do a brake test when some dropped and riced out Civic is tailgating me. The resulting "crunch" would be so very satisfying. :)

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