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AZ DMV Question


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Been meaning to ask this question for a while- wondering if anybody could provide me with some insight.

With the real estate market in the crapper and some pretty cherry foreclosure deals to be had, my folks have finally started seriously thinking about buying a place in greater Phoenix. This would be basically a vacation home sort of aim (Condo + Garage most likely) of course there are other things to deal with in setting something like that up.

My dad wanted me to see if I could find out what vehicle registration laws are like in Arizona which would be determinant on whether we bring a vehicle down or buy one there to put in the garage. Obvious preference would be to buy a <10 year old car here and drive it down there. This brings up a couple questions about how cars are registered in AZ. Off the top of anyone's head, is it possible to keep the car and use it in Arizona while it remains registered in Alberta? In the past, and last Christmas I saw lots of cars with Alberta plates (incl. a Cobalt coupe from the same dealer we buy our cars from) that were so obviously driven by snowbirds and not driven back and forth between Arizona and Canada- Bringing a car in from Canada and registering it in Arizona assuming the car is under 15 years old just opens up a can of worms and red tape so we would like to avoid this. If not is it possible for a non-resident to register a car in Arizona and what costs would be associated with registration? Here it's just 70$/year for registration.

Any insight would be appreciated!

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No idea..I have seen plenty of Alberta plates around here. The DMV here can be interesting to deal with...didn't have any problems in moving my Jeep registration from Co to Az, the only issue was their screwup on my DL--big typo on it that I didn't notice for a month or so.

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