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I'm thinking about attending a solo autocross some weekend with the LS. Apparently Des Moines SCCA does them on a regular basis. I think it'd be fun as heck to do, but I don't know where to start and since I have no experience on a track, don't know if I'm going to make myself look like a fool. How welcoming are these events to novices? Am I going to be the only one with a stock sedan while everyone else has a tricked out sports car? How hard are these events on your vehicle?

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Do it! Don't worry about it being your first time. It will be lots of people's first time. Typically there are different classes, so don't worry about your car being stock. There will probably be a stock class that suits your car. It can be rough on a car, but depending on the layout chances are it won't get up to very high speeds, and it will most likely be a tighter, lower speed layout. Autox's are usually in parking lots or airports, etc, so you don't have to worry about terrain undulations too much...it will mostly be flat. These events are very welcoming to beginners, and the people running it are always happy to help out those who are new. They take pride in it because it gets people from racing on the street to a more controlled environment. Also, an instructor will always drive with you through your first run so you can et acclimated to the track. This happens if you are a beginner or not, but it is very helpful. This is all with BMW CCA anyway...

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i did one with my bro in his ~92? mr2... was w/i maybe 5 seconds of his time on my second run around. if you have the time/money to try it, certainly do. you should find several new friends at the place too.

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