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GM's Empire

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Once upon a time the GM empire conquered the world. Since the 1930s, GM had ruled its mighty global empire with iron will. An ideology of Sloanism had established undeniable order to the land. Chevrolet ws the entry brand. Pontiac was the youth oriented brand that exemplified style & sportiness. Oldsmobile was the premium brand that was for Chevrolet owners that wanted to show they have arrived. Buick was also a youth oriented brand like Pontiac however, they were pricier and more luxurious than anyother brand exept Cadillac. Finally, Cadillac was the Crown on the GM thrown. Cadillac literally defined luxury and was in a class of its own.

Then, suddenly fueled by jealousy and envy over the success of Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick. Chevrolet went into rebellion. To try to squash this rebellion, GM threw money and technology at them. To the dismay of Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick, Chevrolet got a world class sports car, powerful V-8s, and full-size cars. Chaos was rampant in GM's once stable order. Eventually, Chevrolet became so powerful that all the other brands (except for Cadillac) could not resist being influenced by Chevrolet. A new ideology of Chevism came to rule the day. Chevist believed that each brand should be range from entry to luxury and the only differences should be styling and badging. During the 1970s, Chevism reaped havoc on all fronts just as an invasion of GM’s Empire took place. The GM Empire could fight insurrection at home and invasion abroad at the same time. So, GM suffered termendous losses. Cadillac was even dragged into a Chevists mentality when it produced the horrific Cimmaron. Cadillac lost its pride and was left vunerable to invasion by Teutonic forces.

However, all hope was not lost. A group of neosloanists led a call for restoration of order. This group stated that Sloanism allowed the many GM brands to coexist and to concentrate on the buyer rather than the brand. They named themselves Saturn. GM's other brands forced them out on their own. Saturn was designated as an import fighter. However, the Chevist suppressed all attempts at the Neosloanists to make Saturn successful. The collapse of GM's market share duiring the 1990s forced many Chevists to doubt their beliefs. One group of Chevists was turned on to Neosloanism during the 1990s in Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile was given some resources to adopt Neosloanist policies. However, they were not allowed to use any new technology. OLdsmobile worked very hard to develop two new engines by itself. The 3.5L DOHC V-6 and the 4.0L DOHC V-8. However, despite some success during the 1990s, Chevists refused to help Olds. As a result Oldsmobile’s experiment died on the drawing boards. Later, in 2000, Chevists divided up Oldsmobile to Pontiac and Buick. I personally think it was a Chevis plot to punish the Neosloans for trying to disrupt the Chevist order.

The horror of the Oldsmobile disaster forced GM to seriously adopt Neosloanist policies in the face of possible collapse of the GM Empire. Neosloanists first worked to rebuild Cadillac from near ruin. Now they are finally letting Saturn into the fold and placing Saturn right in Oldsmobile's old slot between Pontiac & Buick. Neosloanist are rapidly trying to downsize Pontiac & Buick. Even Chevrolet will see some downsizing as NeoSloans turn Saturn into GM's new Flagship. Chevrolet is going to be a entry economy brand again. Pontiac will return to its roots as the original Youth-brand. Saturn will be to GM what Oldsmobile was in earlier eras. Buick will be the youthful luxury brand that it once was. Finally, Cadillac will return to its luxury title of "Standard of the World".

What are the likely results of all this?

Chevrolet will be the highest volume overall in GM and the highest volume entry brand.

Saturn will be the highest volume premium brand.

Cadillac will be the highest volume luxury brand.

I hope you enjoyed my insight. I like what I see here at Cheers & Gears. I really like Saturn and I think Saturn will save GM. :CG_all:

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Hey, I'm also new. You are pretty creative. I guess the Chevists are Badge Engineers and the Sloanists are against that. I agree that Saturnis going to save GM. Saturn is the equivalent to GM stumbling upon a Toyota of its own. How GM never realize this I don't know. Saturn should be given a healthy chance as long as it helps Pontiac & Buick along the way.

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saturn has a lean dealer network with great customer satisfaction.

those two elements are why GM is pumping resources into it. that, and the fact that its easier to build a Saturn image rather than correct a Buick or Pontiac image.

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I agree..Except I would still like to see Saturn have entry vehicals for those who are loyal to saturn on their value standard. I think that the next Ion and the Vue will pull off the entry price with excellent quality while the Aura, Sky, and Outlook will boost Saturn's image to make them look like more then people from Tennissee! Good luck to Saturn..I will always be loyal! CHEERS TO SaTURN!

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