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Cory Wolfe

December 2010 Sales: American Suzuki

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  • Suzuki celebrates third consecutive month of year-over-year sales increase

  • Kizashi sales up 19 percent over previous month

  • Fourth quarter sales up 36 percent over same period last year

2011 Suzuki Auto Product Line

Suzuki Auto's versatile line of vehicles includes the spirited four-door SX4 Sport, all-wheel-drive five-door SX4 Crossover, SX4 SportBack athletic hatch, refined Grand Vitara compact SUV, award-winning Equator pickup truck and performance-oriented Kizashi. Every vehicle in the line provides Suzuki's standout virtues of durability, leading-edge style and high-end features at very competitive prices. All 2010-2011 Suzuki automobiles are backed by America's #1 Warranty: a 100,000-mile/seven-year, fully transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty.

About Suzuki

The Brea, Calif.-based Operations of American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) was founded in 1963 by parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) and currently markets its vehicles in the United States through a network of approximately 300 automotive dealerships and numerous other motorcycle, ATV and marine distributors in 49 states. With global headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, SMC is a diversified worldwide automobile, motorcycle, and outboard motor manufacturer. In 2009, SMC sold more than 2.3 million new cars and trucks and more than 2.8 million motorcycles and ATVs. Founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1920, SMC has operations in 196 countries and regions. For more information, visit www.media.suzukiauto.com. Suzuki can also be found on Twitter (@SuzukiAuto), Facebook (www.Facebook.com/SuzukiAuto) and YouTube (www.YouTube.com/SuzukiAutomotive).

<table border="1" cellpadding="7" cellspacing="1" frame="BELOW" rules="GROUPS" width="630"><tbody><tr valign="BOTTOM"><td width="11">

</td> <td colspan="3" width="239">


</td> <td colspan="3" width="225"> CYTD

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="9" width="120">

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 2010

</td> <td width="44"> 2009

</td> <td width="125"> MTD VS.

</td> <td width="40"> 2010

</td> <td width="48"> 2009

</td> <td width="106"> YTD VS.

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="10" width="120">

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39">

</td> <td width="44">

</td> <td width="125"> MTD PRIOR YR.

</td> <td width="40">

</td> <td width="48">

</td> <td colspan="2" width="115"> YTD PRIOR YR.

</td> <td width="4">

</td> </tr> </tbody> <tbody> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> GRAND VITARA:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 417

</td> <td width="44"> 517

</td> <td width="125"> -19%

</td> <td width="40"> 4,478

</td> <td width="48"> 7,565

</td> <td width="106"> -41%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> EQUATOR:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 131

</td> <td width="44"> 54

</td> <td width="125"> 143%

</td> <td width="40"> 1,447

</td> <td width="48"> 2,221

</td> <td width="106"> -35%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> SX4:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 1,226

</td> <td width="44"> 1,119

</td> <td width="125"> 10%

</td> <td width="40"> 11,606

</td> <td width="48"> 20,690

</td> <td width="106"> -44%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> KIZASHI

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 869

</td> <td width="44"> 71

</td> <td width="125"> 1124%

</td> <td width="40"> 6,138

</td> <td width="48"> 71

</td> <td width="106"> 8545%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> XL7:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 4

</td> <td width="44"> 122

</td> <td width="125"> -97%

</td> <td width="40"> 313

</td> <td width="48"> 4,361

</td> <td width="106"> -93%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="7" width="120"> FORENZA/RENO:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 0

</td> <td width="44"> 2

</td> <td width="125"> 0%

</td> <td width="40"> 12

</td> <td width="48"> 3,769

</td> <td width="106"> -100%

</td> <td colspan="2" width="13">

</td> </tr> <tr valign="BOTTOM"> <td height="6" width="120"> TOTAL:

</td> <td width="11">

</td> <td width="39"> 2,647

</td> <td width="44"> 1,885

</td> <td width="125"> 40%

</td> <td width="40"> 23,994

</td> <td width="48"> 38,689

</td> <td width="106"> -38%


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