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Hundreds of panties turn up along Ohio road


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Link: http://www.kare11.com/news/article/936504/333/Hundreds-of-panties-turn-up-along-Ohio-road

Hundreds of panties turn up along Ohio road

LANCASTER, Ohio -- Authorities in central Ohio are trying to solve a panties puzzle: why hundreds of pairs of mostly women's underwear were dumped along the side of a road.

Fairfield County Deputy Gary Hummel said Thursday the undergarments were found in trees and on hillsides in several spots this week on a road in Berne Township, about 30 miles southeast of Columbus.

He says some of the panties were still folded the way they'd come in packaging, while others appeared to have been worn.

There were nearly 1,700 pairs in all, in a mix of colors and patterns. Hummel says when collected, they filled 10 large trash bags.

He says investigators are "baffled" as to where the panties came from.


This is ridiculous. 1,500 pairs are enough panties for anyone's collection. 1,700 is just wretched excess.

Furthermore, :worthless:

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When I was in University, a few female friends (who lived in other houses) decided to clean out their underwear drawers of all the old ones they didn't want and decorated the front of our student house with them. Panties all over the patio, lawn, bushes, and a panty "rope" blocking our way down the front steps. That was pretty funny.

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I can not tell a Lie, I flew from Spokane WA to Ohio to embarrass those college kids since we all know Wazzo is the ultimate party college around. When we could not get enough panties from the sororities, we stopped by Victoria Secrets and bought a few hundred more so we could blanket the country side. :P

Kinda like when we get urinal pucks with a imprinted logo of the Oregon Ducks or better yet Beavers and then put them in the bathroom for any proper Cougar or Husky to pee on! :P


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I was reading about a porn star who had dildos made from a mold of his penis. Apparently a truck filled with the manufactured dildos got into an accident and tipped over, spilling them all over the highway. Could you imagine seeing the cleaning crew of people all picking up molds of your dick along a highway?

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When I go skiing, there's this one tree next to the lift with peoples' bras and panties thrown onto it. Not related to this story at all, but the story reminded me of this. Maybe some crazy college kids wanted to make the news.

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I'm guessing that someone wanted to get pack at an underwear collector and that was the way that would hurt the most. Hopefully that person will miss his/her collection and come forward to collect the treasure soon. 

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