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  1. That is pretty funny. I didn't even know this was an issue with Toyota's - good to know.
  2. OhioTom76

    Report: Disgruntled hacker disables 100 cars in Texas remotely

    This is becoming kind of interesting these days. If the government and automobile makers have the ability to control our cars like that, not to mention living in an age of Google self driving cars - if they are going to control us like that, then how can they legally fine us for speeding, or for DUI's and such? If they neglected to take control of the situation, then doesn't it become their own fault?
  3. Have any news sources followed up with this kid to see where he is at today? Apparently he quit smoking about a year ago... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2035847/Ardi-Rizal-4-started-smoking-aged-2-threatens-dont-buy-toys-Ill-start-again.html
  4. OhioTom76

    Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourettes

    Some of the political blogs had speculated years ago that the election of Obama would trigger a rise in extremist groups around the country, as well as an uptick in mass shootings. Looks like this is playing out, and it's lying fools like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh who got blood on their hands for inciting this kind of crap with their misinformation and goofball conspiracy theories.
  5. OhioTom76

    Texting and driving now illegal in 30 states

    Good luck enforcing it. I think they only thing they really can do is come up with some software solution to disable texting functionality while people are driving. Perhaps the phone manufacturers and automobile manufacturers can do something like this as a safety measure. I would vote for it in a heartbeat.
  6. Did they really think people are that stupid? Come on, even the freaking Pope goes riding around in his pimped out bullet proof Mercedes and doesn't try to hide it.
  7. Is this really the first time military troops have flown home on Delta? I'm finding it really hard to believe this hasn't been happening in the past. Out of all the precautions and safety measures and rules the airlines have in place, wouldn't you think they would have thought to talk to their employees about situations like this already?!
  8. OhioTom76

    Photography Thread

    I love shooting on overcast fall days. You can really pick up the dense saturated colors of the leaves and other elements in the shot when you are shooting under diffused indirect light.
  9. OhioTom76

    Who's packing ERs? Not the uninsured

    The bulk of what "you are paying for illegals" is actually driven by the hospital's ridiculous, inconsistent, and unregulated pricing structures. The hospitals charge whatever they want and insanely over inflate all their prices for everything. They will do stupid stuff like charge $30 for the paper cup your medication was administered in. This all adds up to astronomically high medical bills that people simply cannot pay if they are uninsured. If the bills were more reasonable, they could perhaps get into some sort of payment plan, but when they hammer someone with a $40k bill for a couple of days in a hospital (this happened to me personally, when I had a brief gap in insurance when I was between jobs).
  10. OhioTom76

    Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum

    This is why I am against home schooling, because when you have really conservative bible thumping parents, those kids stand absolutely no chance of getting a balanced education. They will be indoctrinated with religious BS like the world is flat (Sherri Shepherd from The View still believes this...).
  11. OhioTom76

    Spring weather...

    We hardly had any snow here in NE Ohio last winter. I remember sled riding a lot more when I was a kid, now the kids around here are lucky to get a few days of good sled riding snow out of any given year.
  12. Whenever we wanted to see an R-Rated movie in the theater, one of our parents would just go up to the ticket window with us to buy the tickets, then leave while we watched the movie. It was such a stupid policy, not allowing minors into R rated movies. There were times where our parents would drop us off at the movie theater to hang out and watch a couple of movies, we don't need them to chaperon us the whole time.
  13. OhioTom76

    Why going green won't make you better

    Have you ever cooked rice or pasta? It boils over. That's just what it does. One second it's fine, the next starch bubbles are everywhere because it erupted like Old Faithful.My main issue with electric is that if you are doing any kind of frying or stir-frying, electric isn't powerful to protect against temperature drops when you add ingredients. Thing is, especially with stir-frying, everything should cook rapidly and not absorb much oil; if you use gas, you still need plenty of BTUs to keep the wok temp up when you add your ingredients so it cooks quickly...otherwise, temps drop, food doesn't cook quickly, and it absorbs a ton of oil. Gross. Even my parents' gas stove couldn't keep up with stir-frying room-temp, sliced veggies properly; once we built the outdoor kitchen and opted for two very powerful side burners with the grill, our equipment was finally sufficient to do any kind of stir-frying. It helps to use a flat bottom stir fry skillet on a conventional stove, instead of a traditional Wok. They get hotter because more of the pan is touching the actual heat source. I've tried regular woks, even with the ring attachment, and they would never get hot enough because the pan was mostly up off of the heat source.
  14. OhioTom76

    Industry News: EPA To Ford: "Our Testing Not At Fault"

    If they don't fully understand how the engines function then they can't really develop meaningful tests to compare them to other engines. If the auto manufacturers are using entirely different methods to conserve energy then the tests aren't apples to apples across brands.
  15. Student loans and college tuition these days are exponentially higher than the ever were when I was in school. Not to mention the starting price on a lot of these cars have gone up as well. You used to be able to get a decent new car for under $20k, now a lot of these same model cars are starting at like $25k+ for just a bare bones model.

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