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Cheers or Jeers: Motorized Cow

Cheers or Jeers: Motorized Cow  

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Cheers or Jeers: Motorized Cow

Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/COOLEST-ICECREAM-MILK-TRUCK-PROMOTIONAL-USE-COUNTRY-/130835182768?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item1e766274b0

This very unique vehicle is up for sale. It is 13.5 feet tall and has many amazing features. To start with it has two cold plate freezer custom made that can hold large servings of ice cream , milk or any dairy related product. The unit plugs in at night to cool down the freezers and has a back up generator if needed. This unit draws a huge crowd anywhere it goes. It was built to make people happy there are buttons located that children can push to actually make the cow milk and others that will make it moo on command. It is also equipped with high volume bubble machines that release thousands of bubbles into the air.You will have the busiest ice cream vending unit in the country. But again this unit can promote milk, cheese, icecream , yogurt you name it.

There are aircraft strope lights mounted on top of the cow and spotlights on the deck to light it up at night, and a camara mounted on top of its head to help out in low areas.

The milk jugs are hand painted with waterproof speakers built into them to play music and create more excitement.

The driveline is a reliable six cylinder ford motor with automatic trans. The seats were handmade and provide a excellent photo opportunity .

This is a one of a kind unit the possibilitys are endless it can serve for a large corporation advertising vehicle. or be the coolest ice cream truck in the country.

This is a very one of a kind unit that took a lot of effort, time and money to come up with concept there is also a unique towing vehicle that can be purchase as well. The whole package is littlerly a show.

It took over 2300 hours to construct and a large amount of money, much planning and thought went into creating the cow. It can be driven anyway or it has been designed to be towed and comes complete with all equipment to do so in a safe manner.

Located in Toronto Canada at present time but will be taking a trip to the southern USA shortly.

Any more questions or to see a video of the build please contact me.

This is for the person or company that wants to stand out and be noticed would consider leasing the cow out.


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"Located in Toronto Canada at present time but will be taking a trip to the southern USA shortly."

Would be interesting to see the look on the border agents face when this thing comes rolling up, eh?

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Built from an airport tug?

Not a tug, a baggage ramp I think.

Sounds about right.

The big question is, of course, why?

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Why? Only to mooooove down the highway. (Sry, I milked that one too hard).

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