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Terrain Part II

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As mentioned in the other thread, I swapped my mother's 2011 Terrain SLT-1 AWD with the 3.0L for another brand new 2013 Terrain SLT-1 AWD with the 3.6L exactly 2 years and 30k miles to the day the first one was delivered.

No issues with the 2011 and great mileage for the most part, little to no wear either. Still drum solid and tight after all the miles, and the 3.0L continued to be buttery smooth. Really her only complaints stemmed from a lack of HVAC in the rear and abnormal amounts of road noise that started to build with age, throughout the cabin on highway trips. By 30k, other than some dirt, the Michelin tires still looked barely touched and it was about due for the 10th oil change.

Picked up the new 2013 Saturday night, all sparkling and ready to go from the same dealer in NJ where the first came from.

Same car, but now with the 3.6L, the 18" Chrome Wheels (machined 18's no longer offered, and the base 17" wheels now standard on more trims were a no go), and Power Sunroof. Navigation or Power Tailgate would have been nice, but not necessities. Intellilink is great, and the graphics/functionality very impressive. Like a nav without nav software, and weather/movies/gas prices on it are interesting. Also the little changes like power lock buttons on the doors are small but appreciated.

More importantly the much talked about 3.6L LFX. The parents never once had a complaint about the 3.0L so many people loved to hate. Got solid mileage and better than the 3.6L Camaro before it, even with AWD, and was nothing but smooth. Moved well. Having driven both 2 hours back to back I wanted to see differences and did see a few. The 3.0L 2011 with 30k miles felt quick off the line and SMOOTH. Better shifting than the rubber band feeling 2012 Caddy SRX I had in September, for sure. When pushed more and/or at higher speeds, you could feel a lack of torque as the engine remained buttery but a bit slow to gain speed. Not bad in any way.

The 3.6L feels instantly more torquey and shifts quicker yet, with more available power regardless of speed. Still not a huge difference, but where the 3.0L seems to weez a bit at some RPM's, the 3.6L downshifts and pulls more. In my driving I got 2 mpg more with the 3.6L, but I was also trying more to do so with the still to be broken in car. Interesting though because it was less taxed and cruised easier.

The 2011 did gain road roar with age, on certain highways, quite boomy inside. Tires or something. The fresh 2013 with same treads was quieter, for sure. Also, the same Pioneer audio in the 2011 sounded poor and I couldn't figure out why, aged speakers or something else. Couldn't adjust it correctly or to compensate.

All in all, very much enjoy the 2013 and it checked boxes the 2011 did not, 3.6L, wheels, and audio included. Mom is adjusting to the "interesting" wheels that have garnered her some extra looks, but enjoying regardless.

I had them add the accessory splash guards, net and rear cargo liner from GMC for functional use.

Fresh at the dealer:



Back to back with the old 2011:







And the 2011 again returned back to the same dealer, next day. CPO here it comes.


This one is leased. Much cheaper, and more features. Incredible deal for a lot of car. As long as the fuel mileage is same or better, dad will approve eventually too.

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Very nice one, cc.

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Love it, very sweet looking ride. Awesome job! :D

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Glad to see your mom stck with GMC and got herself another Terrain.

If something happens to the Envoy before I can procure myself a new '14 Sierra, I would seriously consider a short-term Terrain lease (24 months).

Can't wait for updates in the near future ;)

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Hasn't said much about it yet.

Had questions on the touch screen radio, but once I showed her Bluetooth audio streaming that also shows her album art and song information (VERY nice), she was happy.

Did ask me if it had bigger wheels or sat higher, because she feels higher. I think it's just due to the roof being lower with sunroof.

2 kids were in the parking lot of her work staring at it and the wheels on Wednesday which weirded her out until she yelled at them to move. I said it's a good thing, more mini Escalade like. Oh well. Better than the base 17's for sure. I wasn't sure about the chromes and then parked next to the 2011, definitely like them more now than the old ones.

Very nice little CUV, especially when properly equipped with V6 and the right options, and GMC upper market trimmings. 15k miles per year, then we'll see what she starts to like next.

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The kids were probably thinking about how to put it on blocks and steal the wheels. :P

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Little over a month in, I was home this past weekend. Nothing new.

Still has wheels, success. Asked if they see any differences. Nothing regarding fuel. She doesn't feel a power difference, "maybe a little but no", and my brother thinks it shifts strangely. Not really, just it has more torque and stronger powerband, so instead of holding on to each gear longer shifts through them and up more effectively.

Otherwise, it's a Terrain. Oh and the IntelliLink radio is very nice. Much nicer improvement over the last.

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