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OK GM, I'm DONE: My New 2015 GMC Yukon SLT.

Cmicasa the Great

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This was written in June on another Forum but I decided it would be cool to bring it here as a new member owning a new GM K2XX 
Just got home after originally going to the dealership looking for Escalades and Denalis.. The Cadillac dealership I went on Thursday to had ONE Escalade that wasn't sold yet, and promised me a 1 month wait if I ordered one. Asking price for the Premium version I built was $87,000. Then I told my salesman that I'd get back to him on Monday if I decided. At the same time I thought.. let me mozy over to the GMC/Buick dealer across the street and look at Denalis. This is what happened:
So I go into the GMC/Buick dealer and talked to a salesman and tell him I want to see a Yukon Denali. The only one they had left for sale was a Black XL, and it had someone on their way up to take a look see.  So I said EFF It... "Do U have any Sierra Denalis?" By the end of the test drive and so negotiations.. I drove off the lot with one of these I $h! U not
Yes.. Cmicasa the Great in a PICK-UP!!! :cool: I Drove it for the evening.. and then Friday Morning.. having nothing but Buyer's Remorse.. something I have never in my entire car buying life experienced. The Truck was awesome.. but I'm not a Pick-Up guy at all. Even with the Crew Cab and all that 420HP and BOMBASTIC torque.. there was still that 6 ft bed and it just wasn't me. So I called up the dealership and told them my situation.. and how I wasn't happy in the least. The Salesman.. then the Finance Manager, and then the General Manager, who I was already acquainted with from the old days when I used to close car deals, got on the horn.. talked to me, and told me to bring her back.. the slate would be clean and I would be responsible for nothing after that.. as long as a I didn't wreck it on the way back 
Anyway.. On the showroom floor they had a gorgeous crystal red SLT with Cocoa Dune interior and loaded. Yes.. the 5.3L engine with ONLY 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. That was the thing. I hadn't driven the 5.3L Engine yet but I had driven the Escalade's 6.2L. My '10 Denali had the 6.2L with 403HP, but this felt as fast, perhaps faster, and so many upgrades in terms of interior and ride I couldn't squawk. HD trailering package with 3.42 axle ratio, Trailer brake controller, 4WD models include 2-speed active transfer case, and Premium Smooth Ride Suspension Package with Air leveler So..    My Denali is still in Jersey with the Ex.. the '07 Tahoe, Anya, I've had since Oct 2006 is gone.. trade her in on a '15 Yukon SLT 4WD 98% fully loaded with Nav, Adaptive Cruise Control with Front Automatic Braking, Sunroof, Entertainment system
by and by the styling is what caused me to write the check quick fast... I love the buttoned down look, and the evolution. I certainly loved GMT900 and 800s, but this one has upped the ante in quality and amenities. Anyone who can genuinely get into a Range Rover, barring the $200,000 Autobiography and say that the Escalade isn't 100% it's match.. the Denali isn't 95% it's match.. the Yukon SLT isn't 90% it's match.. the Tahoe LTZ isn't 88% it's match.. they are simply full of shi+ and that's a fact
There is no guarantee that I still won't drive her for a year or two and then trade her in on an Escalade.. but I'm fully satisfied by this monster. Kids are happy... GF loves it.. and that's cool by me. After '12 buying the CTS-V, '13 buying the Impala LTZ, and now '14 buying the Verano Turbo, Stingray Z51, and this Yukon SLT. . GM has gotten a lot of my cash. I will say that I will still most likely be selling the VSeries at the end of summer because I really only want to have 3 vehicles, and it is a PIA trying to determine what to drive some days. 




1) This was a project: Measured grill totally, then each slot.. then bought a sheet of .50 gauge Stainless Steel mesh, some poster board to make a model and wire cut my new grew into existence. Then overlaid it onto the existing grill using black tie downs
2) A bug deflector for the front 
3) Tinted front windows to match factory tint.
Still going to a try and modify CAI.. from  AirRaid one that was on my Tahoe. The Mass Air Sensor is positioned different on this, but I may be able to modify my old one to take the sensor... We'll see.
Either way.. I actually prefer this Grill now over the Denali's because of the "Break-up" of the whole unit. 
for the sake of GRILLES
Yukon SLT stock Grille
Mine after mod
The mod btw is actually something I could have ordered from a vendor online. It somehow "Sticks on" using 3M Tape but costs $700. Theirs is a wee bit more "complete" because of the grey surround they use where as I chose to cut it large enough that it covered all the black as possible. I am considering redoing the middle around where it comes to the GMC letters
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Almost one year since I bought this sweet baby, and I can't say anything negative about it.. It got me thru the Winter like a champ.. and I have to give GM props for engineering such a fine ride. The only issue I have really is that its not an Escalade.. LOL. every time I see one I feel like chasing down the driver and taking their Caddy. I still can't bring myself to justify having two Cadillacs, and a Vette in the driveway.. It just looks pretentious IMO



I have been in for 2 Recalls. One was early on for the 4WD System, another for rear cargo door actuator. The only issue I experience was at first bringing home I would hear a rattle on the roof. Come to find out after looking at the roof rack.. the horizontal bars are attached to the vertical ones without any type of rubber to keep them from chattering. Instead of taking the vehicle to dealership and waiting.. I decided to simply put double sided 3M Tape, which has a foam cushion in between the bars. No issues since.

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Cool update, I would say you did an awesome thing with this. Just wait as I expect the next year to see great things in upgrades for the escalade and then you will want to trade it in. :)

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