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2015 Ford Edge Titanium AWD 2.0


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2015 Ford Edge AWD Titanium 2.0 msrp around 43,500



Retains the spot on take of the large crossover segment it invented and takes it to a grand new place

Exterior styling not a big departure from the past recipe but its still fresh and new, its 'Crossover 2015'

Front row is a great place to be, lots of comfort, space, girth, and a great view out the living room window

Perfect, and I do mean that, perfect seat height and location for a vehicle like this.....

Solid and stable ride, its a grand chariot and you sit back, enjoy the view, and eat up a whole bunch of miles

Lots of toys in that big MSRP......huge moonroof and cooled seats

Lots of bling and detail on the interior, but its not overdone, like a Fusion crossover interior but nicer still

Ford now has buttons in addition to the touchscreens

Revised 2.0 motor is appropriately smooth and creamy and can deliver up a nice little burst, almost no lag

2.0 is available with AWD this time around

Big trunk area, lots of space to put what you collected at the mall.

Really does ride / handle perform better than the previous gen

The large crossover like this will continue to erode away the status of the large sedan, why even Taurus anymore?

Will really make you question thinking about vehicles like the Explorer, and how much you need the third row.



Some folks won't notice the design changes from 2014 to 2015 (may be intentional)

Front end takes on a bit of Hyundai, Ford I don't think you want that

It may be fair to suggest that a bit more grunt would not be unwelcome on a vehicle at this price (2.3??)

Steering / handling is more laid back for cruise mode, this would be a good vehicle to introduce some sportiness and athleticism

Even with the new climate and radio buttons, the center stack looks a bit blah and you need to study where the buttons are at

The huge moonroof thing, not sure it makes sense, other than to make your A/C work hard in summer

At this price, the trunk needs to be trimmed out nicer, or at least nice.......

Rear seat row, the cushions are a bit soft and low and not really sculpted, JUST LIKE THE LAST EDGE.....

A little bit more second row leg room would be ok

I personally think the Edge and MKz are too pricey but I admit Ford gets their money for this thing.

Driving this probably telegraphs that you live in a suburb

You'll probably still get a German rig if you really want a German rig no matter how good this is.



If you don't need a third row, but still want a large vehicle, and don't want a sedan, I pretty much think the list begins and ends here, with this and the MKZ.  Ford pretty much has built here a replica of what the market wants and where the market is at on these things.  Seating position, ride, handling, packaging, options, 


Maybe its just not cheap enough for lots who will want it.


I try to think who else in at least the US or Asian makes that can match this thing and I don't see it.  GM's good crossovers are 3 rows.  Toyota already gave up on the Venza.  Murano might be the closest match here and it too is a success.  But I have a hard time seeing how the new cheesy styling, cheaper interior, and CVT's will make that thing feel as solid as the Edge.


If you want your Audi Q or BMW X, you are still going to get that anyways, because you're that way.


Ford didn't really miss on anything here, aside from its pricing touches parts where some would expect a third row or a German badge.  But its been successful before and there is no reason to believe it won't continue as such in a segment it pretty much created or helped create.  Myself personally I would want quicker steering and a tish more power but thats about it.  I would buy a less loaded one as well.  Perhaps the FWD version covers a lot of that.  You drive this and pretty much want to say, yeah, I think I am close to being done with sedans.  A- for those who think twice due to price, but A for those who line up with credit aps and just say, get it done, its only money..

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