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2015 Honda CR-v LX AWD


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2015 Honda CR-v AWD LX



Engine plus CVT can deliver great scoot ........when you lean hard on the throttle

CVT might actually be the best of such a breed, compared to earlier CVT's, responsive

Sufficient cabin girth and front row room

Rear seat space is alright for this class too

Surprising cargo space with and without the rear seat down

Innocuous, if that is your sort of thing

Feminine, if that is your sort of thing

Cheap and tinny, if that is your sort of thing

EPA ratings are pretty good i guess

Honda whores out the leases so you are ok there

Some parts of the newly revised dash feel soft to the touch

Rear cargo latches to dump the rear seats are pretty cool

This is about as politically correct as a vehicle can get

Satisfies the most basic of vehicle requirements adequately without the fuss of injecting delight or passion into the matter to complicate things.



Searching high and low for ANY style points, there are none

Seat cloth is atrocious

As a matter of fact, most of the other materials inside, apart from what you see on the dash are atrocious

The center stack does not look particularly lavish either

Standard rear view camera is small enough to be nearly worthless.

Seats are soft and squishy

Mirrors inside and out look cheap and filmsy


Even though the CVT may be 'best in class', it finally makes you concede that other style automatics just feel more solid, trustworthy, and better.

Honda makes a great lawnmower engine, I know this because they put them in their cars too, sounds just like one!


Steelies on the LX? WTF

Sometimes if you don't work the throttle right, the car dogs real bad and you are a dead duck in traffic.  Proof that you need to ring it out to get the scoot.

Dead numb steering that is light, but gives not much back through the thin steering wheel.

The stupidist way to adjust the steering column.


No way any dudes could be caught dead in this vehicle

Honda continually makes me believe they are trying to compete with Hyundai for third worldness

I just can't recommend this, except I imagine there are women out there that think this is nirvana

Gives THE reason for the word 'milquetoast' to exist.



I'll keep it short.  I wanted to give Honda another chance to change my perception of them, based upon the good press of the revised for 2015 CR-v.  Better CVT, direct injection, new interior bits.  EARTH DREAMS!  This was supposed to be the shizzle!


A good friend had a couple CR'vs leased.  They turned the last one in recently.  He went on all the time about how cheapish and tinny it was.  Based on my 15 test drive, it doesn't seem they actually did much with it for 2015.


You hope someday the car buying public will awake and try other metal.  The Hondas and Toyotas of the world have people hooked into the leasing cycles, and they run the business to support good residuals.  Its hard to prove that a comparable Honda actually costs less to own over time than similar makes.  But hondaphiles continually bleat about the resale, supposed reliability (how many recalls?) and so on.


Even if that is true to the highest level, is the vehicle itself even great to drive?  Your results may vary.  I think they suck.


My opinions on many things don't matter these days.  I imagine with PC the way it is today, i am racist if I give an Asian car a D, so I will give it a C.  It meets basic competence and ok, is probably an iota ahead of Hyundai in the pecking order.  This is a great ride for soulless, joyless people.  Why you would get this over an Escape or God, even an Equinox, boggles the mind.

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My girlfriend's brother was recently in the market for a new-ish used vehicle. He was shopping 4-cylinder CUVs because he has no shame. Wound up with a 2008 CR-V, the quintessential dumpy-driving set of ovaries on wheels. I want to make fun of him so bad, but he's too thin skinned to take it on the nose. His girlfriend drives a Prius and they both really like it, if that gives you any indication of their excellent taste in automobiles. I'm sure he'll love how "reliable" the CR-V drives sitting in its dreary interior and puttering along slowly.

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"quintessential dumpy-driving set of ovaries on wheels"


​I love it.  Face it, the reason the ilks of CRv's sell is women.  My buddy who went through 2 of them and a Pilot he hated too, it was because his spouse wanted them.


Hey now, play nice. No need to lump of all of us together....some of us do have better taste ;)

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