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William Maley

Infiniti News: End of Life: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

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There have been rumors and murmurs as the future of the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge. The GT-R powered compact luxury sedan was rumored to head into production. But in recent months, Nissan has been changing its focus from the fun and exciting to volume. We now have an answer as to the fate of the Q50 Eau Rouge.


Speaking with Car Magazine at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Infiniti's vice president of Global Operations, Francois Goupil de Bouille said the Eau Rouge had been canceled.


"It was originally presented as a prototype but after we evaluated sales numbers, we realised it was not realistic to produce it. It was just too costly. That was it. It is always a matter of balance of cost versus benefit, and we decided to reign in our costs," said de Bouille.


Despite the cancelling of the Eau Rouge, de Bouille didn't rule out models coming from a performance arm to compete with the likes of Audi's RS, BMW's M, and Mercedes' AMG.


Source: Car Magazine

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It was an interesting idea...


But its not as if Infiniti...technically Nissan in Japan...did not offer 4 door Skylines...

Had they did this with Infinity when they brought out the Infinity Skyline known to us a G35...we would not be having this conversation...all they had to do is just follow JDM's path...


With that being said...If Infiniti is gonna inherit this power train from the GT-R...Id rather be seeing in this vehicle right here:







I think Vettel Edition part II is in order...

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Of all of Infiniti's models...these seem to have the most potential for lust worthy performance and want...

The world is in a state of SUV craziness anyway...and performance oriented SUVs are getting more and more popular...and these seem to fit the fast image the most of ANY performance SUV of ANY brand...yeah...Ill agree with you...Id start with these as Infiniti's performance halo cars...

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